Product Question about CF Ultimate Package

Hi all. I am unsure if this is the right forum to ask this but none of the others mentioned where to post product questions.

I’m a novice to Charlie Francis training systems and awhile back I tried to order but Paypal rejected the payment method (Credit Card). After recently fixing that problem I am now ready to try to order the Ultimate Collection once again. However, the package has been modified and it is now more appealing than before.

One of the videos is listed as Workout Series One–MB. I am confused since on the individual product listing, Workout Series One is supposed to be Speed and Strength. Which video is it–the medball workout or the speed and strength workout?

I may add whichever one is not included onto my order.

Thanks in advance,

It’s under Workout Series 2 : CF Med Ball Workout

I think it is a typo from Rupert.