Preworkout shake in AM

Hey guys,

What do you take first thing in the morning before workout? One for fatloss and one for muscle gain. You could also add one for maintenace, mainly for improving athletic performace. It could be anything. Just wondered what everyone in this forum would take.

my day starts at 4:00 with 1 scoop of surge, 1step multi, 400 E, 2000mg C, 4gm of msm, then on the bike by 5am. i havent been able to find too many things (esp solid food) that actually stay put while training, and surge seems to do the trick. i will also have an additional scoop of surge 1 hour after my intitial recovery shake which is plain dextrose and whey. i would love to use surge for all three shakes but the price is alittle high. to use 5 scoops per day.

when looking at digestion in the morning I suggested getting up much earlier…I prefer more of a meal but biorhythms are the area of preference…It would be intresting to see a match up between both lat/long on a map, training time, and meals…

More information on you training, since your nutrition will reflect your trainging.

so you are telling me to get up at 3am and eat eggs and toast?

next thing youll tell me is to measure my pineapple before i put it on my cottage cheese.

Why train so early? 4 am?

Why not train at 6 and eat at 5?

My morning training is very similar Nightmare - I train on an empty stomach though - well apart from Powerdrive.
My training in the morning is always aerobic - either tempo or speed work (I never lift this early).
Depending on the aims my workout shake will have carbs or no carbs - but always protein.
Post wrokout they usual whey-malto-glucose recovery drink.
I’m not sure why but - I feel it easier to take a isotonic drink while training than a drink pre-training.
I certainly can’t ‘stomach’ real food that early pre-training.

Not sure about N4D but I can’t train later as I gotta go to work - but it also give me the advantage of training again around 3 pm after work and again at 7 if required.

But as always the nutrition is determined more by the training rather than the time of day.

But I’ll say this - it sure isn’t easy getting into the ice baths at 6 am !!!

"Why train so early? 4 am?

Why not train at 6 and eat at 5?"

i have to be at work by 10am, so im at the training facility by 5am when it opens, 3 - 3 1/2hrs of training time, 1 hr of stretching, 1/2 showering, changing and chatting up the lifegaurds, thats 4 1/2 hrs. getting up at 5 id be at least 1/2 late everyday for work.

champions answer the bell clemson, loosers hit the snooze bar.

things are the way they are, becuase thats how they need to be. i thought you would be the last guy id have to explain this to.

I thought you did your microstretching later…

what about a slit?

after im done training, ill drink my first (of 2) post workout recovery shakes, change and then do the microstretching routine while still at the facility.

splits dont really work for me, never have. my body is ready first thing in the am and i like to get it all in before work. since 99% of races are first thing in the morning this system works well in a practical sense. today i did 1 1/2hrs on the bike with a 4 mile run right after, then a quick change and in the pool for an hour. my level of conditioning allows me to train back to back to back and get in all the work i need to in sequence, but the big thing is fueling and maximizing the recovery window. if i didnt eat correctly the day (esp early in the day) before and use fluid/carb replacements correctly during the workouts, i pay the price as i “pick up the piano” (another term for bonk or glycogen depletion) and the workout becomes all up hill.

Why not wait and do the stretching later…? Why the need to do it then?

i was under the impression that the best time to stretch was post workout? given the choice between having a stretch right after i finish training and trying to stretch after work and before bed 10 hours later when the body has cooled off, id rather do the job correctly and at the right time.

Nightmare…read the lab recovery template! two hours after training you should be microstretching!

Nightmare, that means you have to wake up at 2am from now on.

so let me get this straight, in your world, you would have me sleep till 5, start training at 6, at work by 10, then shut down the shop for an hour over the lunch hour so i can stretch? where is the issue of compliance (your term not mine regarding the 1step) here?

so doing the complete routine by correct protical right after im done training 6 days a week isnt helping me as much as doing it 2 hours post workout when i might be able to get it in a few days a week? this isnt like having a recovery shake on hand and chugging it in 30 seconds, its a detailed routine that takes 70 minutes (if you use stop time between reps) and i cant just drop that in where i want.

as i said before, things are the way the are for a reason.

How about doing AIS after changing and microstretching (possibly only 2 reps but three if you don’t mind it) after work?

I agree with pete. Or live the life, cut out the work part! Tell the wife to get a really good job!


I thought you did microstreching at the shop…remember the couch? You should be fine anyways…just trying to maximize the results.

Nightmare - do you do any training (stretching light run? etc.) again in the evening?

[Its not that I don’t think you’re doing enough or anything! - just wondering]

Two cool new motivational qoutes for my bedroom wall


thanks brother, good to know ill be on your wall next to 98 degrees and leaf garrett. just kiddin bro.

the system i use and the way i implement it has servered me very well. its nearing the end of march and (touch wood) i am the fitter, happier then i have ever been, and being able to train and race at a high level AND be injury free, is about as good as it gets in my eyes. i know there may be better ways to on paper to implement my program, but this is what works best for me.