Can anyone advise me if it is possible to OD on Tyrosine by supplementing Powerdrive with L-Tyrosine?
Are there any potential dangers?


good info


what kind of dose are you looking at? ive gone as high as 3 double doses of power drive in one day with no negative impact.

i know we have other threads on this but one quick question… is powerdrive basically the same forumla as vitalyze? and if not what differs?

Sorry Quick I can’t help you on that one - haven’t tried Vitalise,
Nightmare - I’ve double dosed, and found no effects myself- I was just wondering about the effect of large doses of Tyrosine.

no23 and nightmere… when do you take your powerdrive? before speedworkouts and meets or just before meets?

Before Games definitely and training when $ are flush …

I haven’t tried it after trg, like some

i take it before important training sessions and games. havent tried it after for CNS recovery but i know some guys perfer it after rather than before.

also, before a night on the town, ill take a double dose before i leave the house and possibly another at the half way point.

Maybe we should start another post for pre-partying supplements - … eh … second thoughts maybe not.

716? Any thoughts about possible overdose? (assumably re DMAE)

hey no23,you should star a post on pre-partying sup’s!

I think it might end up being too long athlete!
Post partying and hangover cures would be a long one too!

Do you think there might be negative effects from large doses of Tyrosine and DMAE thru supplementation?
Anyone else supplement with DMAE?

Powerdrive makes it too hard to get drunk …

Dear Charlie:

DMAE is believed to be relatively nontoxic. However, one study using higher intakes for Alzheimer’s disease patients did report symptoms of drowsiness and confusion with the use of DMAE.

Fisman M, Mersky H, Helmes E. Double-blind trial of 2-dimethylaminoethanol in Alzheimer’s disease. Am J Psychiatry 1981;138:970–2.

I did not like the way DMAE made me feel.
I did not feel sharp and focused when I took it. In fact, it made me feel knida of dumb. It also made several athletes I work with feel the same way, so I do not recommend DMAE.

Thanks- now, what about Tyrosine. Would you recommend using only an initial dose (and up to how much?) or would you keep administering it in small doses throughout a prolonged training or comp period (how often?). Are there any GI implications? I’m guessing that, as nerves are peaked and digestion is slowed in Comp settings, that one dose should release fairly slowly.

Thank you 716
Perhaps, if you have time, you might also outline your views on the use of Tyrosine and Phenylaine for team sports and longer activities…

Why would someone overdose on L-Tyrosine???.. What is the supplemets use and benfits to an athlete??..

Getting back to Powerdrive -
any dangers of it causing a positive test ?

Not that testing applies to me - just interested - I don’t use it more than once a week but find it incredibly effective specially in relation to speed and focus rather than strength

i’d also like to know if it would cause a positive test…