Powell pulls out of sydney GP

February 12, 2008 WORLD 100m record holder Asafa Powell has been forced to withdraw from Saturday’s grand prix athletics meeting in Sydney with a cut knee.

Powell had four stitches inserted in the gash after suffering the injury while running up the stairs at his house in Jamaica late last week.

He arrived in Australia Monday, a day later than planned after missing a connecting flight in the United States.

“I was running up the stairs at my house and I fell,” he said.

"And once a big guy like me falls on my knee it’s not going to be pretty.

"I fell on my knee and got a cut and had some stitches in it and hopefully it’s going to be better soon.

"Now is not a bad time to get (the injury) because this week is an easy training week so it’s not that bad.

“I hope it gets better by the weekend so I can start doing some training.”

Powell had intended to anchor a Jamaican team in the 4x100m relay in Sydney on Saturday.

He is now aiming to be fit in time to run the individual 100m at the Melbourne Track Classic on Thursday week.

“It’s getting better day by day so … I’m very confident about running (in Melbourne),” said Powell.

“The good thing is that I am here and I’ve wanted to be here for a while now.”

Powell and his sprint squad chose to begin their Beijing Olympic preparations in Australia after he enjoyed his time here before winning the Commonwealth Games 100m gold medal in Melbourne two years ago.

Despite holding the 100m world record of 9.74 seconds, Powell is still yet to win gold at either world championships or Olympic level.

His clash with American world champion Tyson Gay in Beijing is expected to be one of the highlights of the 2008 Olympics.


Bummer. Oh well, hope he has a nice holiday downunder. :rolleyes:

the loss in revenue will be huge with him not running no disrepect to wariner or any others but they only want to see 1 man run…

SYDNEY: Sally McLellan out, Josh Ross out, Adam Miller out, Asafa Powell out, Sharmer out, Steffensen (watch this space) …Wariner better run quick in his 200m. What chance a Flying Kiwi upset win over 200m to James Dolphin?

Patrick Johnson???

AA have been very slow releasing the start lists for the event as of 2 mins ago you still cant access it.

Joel Milburn might be the big drawcard for Sydney. v Darold Williamson (and Steffensen???) … everyone wants to see if this young guy can aim up against some opposition

They are up now - http://www.athletics.com.au/freestyler/files/sydney%20gp%20entrants%20as%20at%2012%20feb%202008.pdf. Some races (eg men 200m) still have vacant spots.

Steffensen is OUT of Sydney (even though still listed for the race)

Ive read about McLellan, Ross and Powell… whats up with Miller?
100m (for OZ Champs) - Rogue Street looks to be the man, maybe shirvo with a chance to claim another title…

After the run from Burgess in Canberra I’d say he was as equal to the task as Rogue Seret.

Can Matt Shirvington win the 100?

:eek: I never saw that coming :rolleyes:

If Dolphin wins I’ll…I’ll…be very happy :smiley:

But will Milburn start? Word is he DNF’d at training today, knee bursitis at best. Precaution dictates withdrawing from Sydney to recover for Melbourne and Olympic Trials. This Sydney meet is jinxed. Wait for stormy weather next:rolleyes:

geez KK you must have contacts everwhere, I just got home from the track now and he was training at the same time.

He’s got ESP. Tough luck for the meet!

Anyone else drops out, and I will call AA about one of the vacant lanes. This is karma for cutting the masters races from the program.

If experience counts anything then he is in the mix.

How is his form? I suppose we will find during the Grand Prix races in the next week or so.

Funny how a week changes everything for this meet. Now Mottram’s not racing, either. It seems the start of the show will be Joel Milburn. Well, him and Wariner. :).

Stay on the pace or pull out…Joel broke down two days ago

Looks like team Steffenson have gone in hiding. Not a word from Sharmer on CF and no one seems to to be in the know at the track. Maybe they are keeping a low profile or hiding some new injury ?? It does seem to be a collaborated effort.

They must be loving all these stuff ups by the other competitors. If I was in their camp, I would sit back with glee.