Powell pulls out of Penn relays

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Jamaican 100 metres world record holder Asafa Powell will not run in Saturday’s Penn Relays in Philadelphia because of a pulled pectoral muscle, his manager said on Friday.

“We expect a full recovery shortly, but he has a very limited range of motion (now),” Paul Doyle told Reuters in a telephone interview from Philadelphia.

Powell, who suffered the injury lifting weights in Jamaica last week, was due to compete in a 4x100 relay at the meeting. His next scheduled competition is a 100 metres at Doha on May 9.

“He should be ready,” Doyle said, “but it is one of those things – you do not want to push him back too early because you could be right back to square one.”

Powell also is scheduled to run the 100 in Oslo on June 6 and in Eugene, Oregon, two days later. Although the turnaround between the two races is short, “it is doable,” Doyle said



Stephen Francis, Powell’s coach, told the Observer yesterday that Powell would be running in the relays. Francis said he was not aware of any injury to Powell last week despite reports of the sprinter suffering an injury while working out in the gym.

Interestinger and interestinger. One hand hasn’t got the official line from the other.

There must be more to that story. Surely the manager can’t report the athlete as injured whilst the coach is unaware!! You wouldn’t expect a coach to be unaware of an injury at junior club level, never mind the WR holder!!

Ya some really wierd things going on…

And just another race to take out of a possible total to meet 18 races before the beijing final.

I just find it hard to understand the lack of communication between the athlete, coach and agent.
In terms of the 18 races, do relay legs count? Obviously you are hitting and maintaining maximum velocity (although this is Asafa), but the block clearance is not included and arguably the acceleration is less aggressive??

I think you can count the relay legs into the total as block clearance and acceleration are unlikely to be his issues.
It is very disturbing to hear the contradictions.

powell is a choker… why are you wasteing tiem talking about him… oh well… ciao

I suppose that is true based upon his performances over the past couple of years. I can only recall one occasion where his start was an issue (correct me if I am wrong), Brussels 2006. It seemed the rest of the time, as with the worlds, he would get out well, then either ease up, or tighten up or whatever…

Maybe athlete and manager are “palying the fiddle” behind the coaches back…?..fishy…

What do you mean by ‘playing the fiddle’ exactly? I think if they’re doing anything behind Coach Francis’ back it is foolish-when you have run so fast under a coach, you want to disrupt that relationship with a lack of trust in my opinion. If things are going without Francis knowing, this is a risk.

Rumour is there was a pec injury requiring surg! Hopefully, not out for long!

Anything requiring surgery can’t be good. How could his coach not be aware of that? Not really related, but I read Sly Stallone had a similar injury to that before filming Rocky II, which is why he switched to south paw! Little bit of trivia for you guys there :wink: Ha!

Seriously though, hope Asafa recovers quickly.

captain kirk… its called choking… ciao…