Powell....injury(rehab etc)

as we have all withnessed or heard about @ some stage asafa powell will not be competing at the WC’s due to a tear in the add.longus region.

my question is and i personally would like solid and backed-up to the answers…1-what exactly causes this injury,2-why did it effect him while coming out of the blocks and 3-how to rehab it and 4-(most importantly!!!)strenghten it.

i personally have great interest in this injury because i have had serious problems with this exact injury while i was competing.it would always occur coming out of the blocks.

now please if you are posting please have solid info and knowledge…we may all learn something from this.


following your PM request:

The role of this muscle is adductor and external rotator for thigh. The strengthening of this muscles goes by exercises involving these movements. Injuries comes from overloading in this area… Prevention : no competition in London… Therapy : i let this to doctors! Sorry that i can’t say much about it than obvious things, without knowing more on Powell’s case nor the exact cause of the injury.

However i can show you why his long adductor hurted him while leaving the blocks in London (pictures taken in Ostrava 9.85 when front foot leaves the block and in the middle of first step):