Postworkout considerations

For the athlete that is training hard 6 days a week for hypertrophy(upper/lower split), what should the postworkout schedule look like?

I was thinking of getting 40g whey postworkout for 5 days, and then on the most intense day go 40g whey/80g sugar. WOuld this be advisable?

I use something similar to this.

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I’m familiar with JB’s recommendations,but he doesn’t take into account the different levels of intensity of workouts (he prescribes the same formula for every workout.) So, assuming 80g carb/40g whey is the right ratio for the most intense workout of the week, what would be the ratios for the workouts of lesser intensity?

Don’t lift hard six days a week. On low intensity days I don’t really worry about the speed of digestion of the carbs or protein. Track is my sport so I don’t lift on these days, so it may be different for you. I’ll either make a fruit smoothie with yogurt and a half scoop of whey or oatmeal/ whey protein bars that I make myself. I feel these are better options on these days because they provide better nutritional value along with the carbs and protein. You can’t really go all out like you can on your high intensity days, because you haven’t burned as many calories.

True, I thought that myself. I Might e-mail him about it.

When if I’m doing low intensity I usually replace carbs with fat, sort of like Atkins.