post-hernia suregry recovery

i’ll make a little journal about dealing with the surgery of removing an inguinal/sports hernia.

this will include how im dealing with pain/life/recovery, and how i start to institute training methods again…

ill post every other day.

ill also try to answer any questions any ppl might have as i go thru this. because it seems that there are many ppl who have gopne thru this or will in the near/dist future im sure.

(the guy that worked on me also has done half the OSU track team)

today went fine. the surgery was very quick lasted about 20min i guess. i was out-patient.

im in serious pain right now.
im unable to really twist, move, cough, (hope to god i dont sneeze), going to the bathroom causes a lil trouble but nothing major (this might have to do with my left testicule being the size of pluto.)

for pain im taking Lortab 7.5mg every 4 hours

ive iced a bit and that seems to help. ive been extrememly drowsy b/c of the anesthesia, and im avoiding walking too much for today.

tomorrow i will try to walk a lot to get the legs moving again.

Pluto has lost planet status …!

Maybe you’d describe a little about the actual procedure method used.

I am surprised you’re in that much pain and that it has affected your ‘boys’

the procedure was thru the use of s scope and three incisions were made under my belly button (forgive me for being vague as i was in a anethesic state while this was explained to me)

this morning i feel a little bit better but i was in excruciating pain at 6am as the pain killers wore off and i struggled to find them again…

nice, your lucky you got the three incisions! I had a 2.5 inch incision across my gut! not for a hernia though, i had my appendix out last week, but I know exactly how you feel! based on your description anyways, sounds just like me.

twisting, moving, walking, coughing, everything hurts!! you better pray you dont sneeze! i sneezed a few days after the surgery,almost put me back in the hospital. but you get much better every day!

how long did the doc say before training again? 4-6 weeks? anyways, good luck with the recovery, its been 9 days since my surgery, and im feeling way better.

supposedly, 2 weeks.
but everyone else i talked to says 4-6.

the doc said 2 because it wasnt as major as other ones. we’ll see, today i feel like itll be 2 years haha

well, im guessing the 2 weeks is just the first part of the recovery. I was told i should take it easy for the first 10 days, but that i wouldnt be able to take part in contact sports or weight training for a good month or two

but then again, you did only get the tiny incisions, so maybe that’ll speed everything up? but yeah, take ‘er easy…you should post some pics.

2-4 weeks tops. You will be in training in 4 weeks. My mate had the same done 6 weeks ago. Running OK now.

if yesterday i only felt 3% better… (i improved from walking like a ‘grandma’ to walking like a ‘grandpa’)
today i feel 20% better…

wow i was actually able to sleep last night and woke up only a few times and could feel less pain so i was mentally more peaceful.

did some walking around yesterday and felt better as the day went on…

today walking only hurts a bit in my left hip but thats it. i can almost walk normally…

doc said i should be on a bike by tuesday

wow feel a lot better today. i can walk now without looking like i had surgery. The impact on the left side hurts a bit every once in a while but otherwise its getting better.

im not going to take the pain killers anymore and ill save em for later this year when i need em.

ive been icing the incision sites the last few days.

should be on a bike tomorrow.

I had to walk - as instructed by my surgeon - 100m minimum as soon as I woke up from the anesthetic.

haha oh man, that mustve taken an hour!

It was tough, but the best thing I ever did … just start back recovering straightaway

got on the bike today for 15min

felt ok…i couldnt go too fast because of pain in the incision area…got my heart rate over 105 so that was ok…

ill try to go a bit faster tomorrow same duration.

Hey I really appriciate your responses. I’m in the processes of getting with a doctor to repair my small inguinal hernia. The use of laprascopes seems to be the way to go in order to recover most quickly!
Recovery of course is of my biggest concerns. So I thank you for continuing to post and keep us updated on your recovery, day to day.
Good luck and hopefully you’ll be back in those predicted two weeks (i’m praying that i’ll be the same)

keep em’ coming

i go see the surgeon tomorrow afternoon for post-op

today i was on the bike for another 15 min…little faster today

swelling has gone done a lot in the top incision cut.
swelling in the testicles is gone too…

doc says i can resume activity whenevr i feel ready…i might start yawging on monday

got on the bike and got the HR up to over 140
felt real good…really went after it today no pain…

lots of ice during free time last couple days

so how long did it take from your first consultation with the doctor to when you were actually getting underway with the procedure?

im not sure what ur asking but here goes:

i saw a guy in may, he said it was a hernia but wait it out see if it goes away.
i waited 5 months…no luck

saw this other surgeon he said yep its a hernia and they set it up surgery for a week from that day

easy as that…

got surgery done

one week later (today) i saw him again for post-op stuff

yeah thats what i was asking. from the first visit with the surgeon to the time where the procedure was actually taking place took one week!
thats good news.

Do you know if thats a standard waiting period? *1 week
(from 1st consultation to the actual surgical procedure)