Please Crutique my diet

morning-100 shots or agilitys

bfast-either oats with milk and some bran flakes and a banna or a bagel with some jelly and some oj and protein


post workout-
1 scoop protein
1 tbs natural honey
1 cup yougurt
some strawberries
some oj or banana

2-1 cup quiona
1 chicken breast
some vegies

5-some pasta
some chicken

8-1 cup milk
1 scoop protein

9-930 -bed on school days

On days i play bball and workout i do same thing but after bball i have gatorade and a protein shake and some more hi gi carbs so i recover from all of it post on what u think

i started adding another meal in cause i realized i need more calories when doing that much i rember when i was eating like 4000 i had so much energy now i feel tired cause im probally only getting about 2300 calories and that is not enough so i just added in another meal so when i work out i have enrgy and then before bed illl eat another meal ill eat at 8 and then at 10 and doing the morning stuff that shouldnt be a problem and ill probally get alot more energy cause like this i notice i dont have to much enrgy plus im still growing so i think i should prob have 3000 cal a day

is there time in your postworkout meal between the whey + gatorade and everything else?

well its like 3 hrs so i just eat when i get outta class

could you be more clear?

It’s not my place to comment… but, maybe your severe, early morning alcoholism is impeding your diet?

for basketball man 100 shots