Planning for Race Day + Nutrition

First of all, thanks fjlee and dcw23 for helping me to plan for my next meet (on Wednesday). I’m pretty much over my illness now. I couldn’t follow either of your plans to the letter, had to adjust it to fit my circumstances.

I ran 1x80m (my only full out sprint since Monday) on Sunday into a headwind and did 2x2 bench press. The 80m sprint felt extremely fast unfortunately and I felt weak in the weightroom afterwards (hence why only 2 sets). Hopefully I didn’t PB too early and compromise my CNS for Wednesday (couldn’t have been too fast anyway, as I don’t quite see myself going sub-11 at this stage).

Anyway, I’m doing some tempo today and just a resting for Tuesday.

Then Wednesday I have my heat at 10:40AM and the semifinal at 1:55PM.
I will wake up in the morning at 7:30AM probably and have 3 boiled eggs and a glass of milk. What other nutritional guidelines should I follow to avoid gaining too much waterweight during the day?

I know that digestion does not occur normall when nervousness sets in, but is it not a little too extreme to go for 6.5 hours with no food? Yes… I’ve heard the chocolate bar story, doesn’t sound like something I’d like to try. :wink:

Oh and one more thing… this time I can actually get to the track without a lot of trouble, so I can arrive at around 10AM if I wish (and get a bit more of a lie in).

Is this optimal or is it better to wake up early and get there earlier (and give the body more time to snap into race mode?) :slight_smile:
I remember reading in a thread that you should be awake for at least 5 hrs before doing speed (but heck I’m not getting up at 5:40!!)

I’d get up at 7 and do some light cals to help you warm up prior to breakfast. it’ll make the warm-up alot easier for the first race. Never shave your arrival so close. Anything goes wrong - you’re not there!

Thanks, Charlie.


How did things go?

I gained a good lead over the first 30m but was well beaten over the last 40m or so. Although I did not feel that top end speed and special endurance were neglected at the time of training, I suppose I put a lot more emphasis on the initial acceleration (since I felt it was necessary for my rugby season).

In short, a decent race - I’ve learnt a lot, and this will probably be my last meet for some time while I concentrate on the rugby season which is just around the corner. I need to bulk up to around 86 kg to play in the midfield and I do not feel it would be good to also compete in track at this weight.

Result is made in training,if you train good you will run fast and no breakfast in the world can ruin it for you.

uh, thanks.