Ia a good supplements?Pre-workout?

SerinAid has been proven to have a ton of positive benefits from mental and visual accuity in the elderly to cortisol suppression. It is a great addition to control cortisol in hard training atheltes, but it is very expensive. for more information

I particularilly like the alpha-gpc and serinaid together.

All evidence points towards it working - but cost pro-hibitive

In the past CP rec’d: 300 mg/day taken postworkout on training days, not to exceed 2400mg/week.


Are you speaking of SerinAid specificially or in general of PS from lecithin?

Sorry Zeppelin - should have been clearer. CP has rec’d 300mg of PS not SerinAid specifically. Rec’d postworkout because he explained that the changes in cortisol throughout the one hour workout were important and that they need to be blunted in the postworkout period. Then explained that he found doses >2400 wk to be hard on the joints b/c cortisol becomes suppressed too much.