pelvic obliquity - What to do?

i have since 3/4 year a light to medium pain in my lower back…
The docs say i have a pelvic obliquity.
What do you guys think i can do? Aby experiences?

what did the doc tell you to do?

pjb, I’m going to assume this is occuring in a right-to-left situation rather than a anterior to posterior tilt. Meaning you have one hip higher than the other? Do you have a length length descrepancy?


exactly thats it.
If “I am worked” by the chiro, both legs are equal… But not for a long time

In what muscle(s) does your chiro/doctor feel the tightness is ?

I’d at least start doing some stretches for the core musculature on the high side (side bend stretch, reach down as far as you can on the low side while not bending fwd or bkwd at the waist) and some basic strengthening for the low side (db side bends). It’s hard to come at you with any specific ideas without knowing what muscle groups are involved in your case. Also your chiro should really be able to make some recommendation for stretch/strengthening, having him work with you is just a band aid fix, he should help you get to the root of the problem.

yeah, i am also doing special stretching every day and some special work for abdominals, but nothig worked.

now he got an new idea(he should be an expert as it is said…):
he says that my kidney is in a too low position and this follows apressure that could be the reason for the pelvic problems.
now i am on hemeopathic medicaments…

as anybody heard of sth like this???