Pain below hip

It’s on the front of my leg above the quad and between the hip. It hurts when i lift my leg up. Does anyone know what this is? Someone on said that it might be a hip flexor strain. Thanks.


I had such a thing before. Ice, massage, and anti inflamatory pills and/or injections helpped me so much. And it was away in no time. The pain will not dissapear. but it will decrease to a level where you can train normally. Wish that helps

thanks. do you mean the pain will decrease to a manageable level with massage, ice and anti inflammatory stuff or the pain will never go but be at a manageable level?

Thats kinda where mine is aggrivating me as well. Its on the front of my left leg, above the goin/quad and at the bottom of my abdominals. Mine hurts when lifting my leg during an ab workout, and occasionaly during hip flexion.

Its mild, but im going to physio this week to check it out.

I’m just saying that such problems cause pain. And this pain doesn’t go overnight. If you treat it right it will drop so fast and you will be able to manage a big percentage ( may be over 90% ) of your normal training in a matter of a few days. And then it usually takes a bit more for the whole thing to dissapear for totally. A week, 2 may be 3… It depends on how severe the problem is. For me. I could train back at about 100% after 3 days. In the 3 days I gave my self 3 anti inflamatory injections and did a 1 good massage session. I listened to the problem and I knew that it will not get worse with training. So I trained. And now after a couple of weeks I can still feel something. Doesn’t stop me at all. But it just fades away. You should know what exactly you have before trying anything of what I said. Because I’m giving you what I have done given what you said about your problem looked exactly like what happened to me. So be carefull. And good luck

I had a pain in the same spot. I thought it was the hip flexor but it actually was the very top of rectus femoris. A little ART got me right. It tickled a little and hurt some, but it got me running again…

this sounds like a sports hernia. i had one that ended my outdoor season and it sounds like u have it…