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My question may be naive, but IOC’s dates are there for a reason -why don’t they stick with them?

I am assuming it was earlier because of appeals. That being said, only one athlete (that I am aware of) has been selected on a B qualifier but missed the A qualifier by 4/1000th of a second. The marathon runners had a higher than IAAF expectation but have been selected using the IAAF A qualifier.

It has been poorly handled by AA. I would love to say it is the first time AA has done something poorly, Kitkat could confirm or deny this, but it seems poorly thought out schemes are regular occurence by AA and ultimately the athletes and sport are the ones who get hammered.

I hear the great man, Charlie, saying things about administrators far more eloquently than I can.

Just posted a review Joe Horrigan wrote on " Speed Trap" in 1991.
I think it’s an interesting review from someone who understands a great deal about training and sport from a practical, professional and personal level.
Check it out under the store front my blog on shopify.
Might be hard to find but I will get more organized as I go.


Find it here

Oh surely Usain Bolt’s victory speech article rivals this KitKat1

He said in The Sun: ‘After London 2012 I want to go into the press conference and say before anyone asks me a question, just say “You are now looking at a living legend”.’

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/olympics/article-2159811/London-2012-Olympics-Usain-Bolt-wants-living-legend.html#ixzz1yTd2oBz0

( Off the track is this a person we wish to emulate … ever?)
you might want to win the Olympics before you use your inside voice outside… Has anyone ever heard of tempting fate? UB wins the gold medal on that feat already.

Does Bolt even have to compete in the Jamaican trials or does he get a free ticket in the 100 and 200 since he won gold last time around? Maybe I’m confusing Olympic rules with World Championship rules.

I believe each country has the ability to decide how they do things according to their Olympic committee. For example remember that our country’s Olympic A standard is no where near the International Olympic criteria to go to the Olympics.

WOW after reading the above link, I need to get this: IRON199006.JPG

I recommend speed trap. It is a must buy.

I have that already. Read it about 3 times now. I just like collecting old info/photos of Ben and Charlie. :slight_smile:

Speed Trap is the best book I’ve ever read on the philosophy of coaching, and I’ve read it at least ten times. I was reticent to start coaching because after reading this, I knew to be a true success you have to work as hard as the Optimists did. After meeting Waldemar, and hearing about regular 14 to 16 hour days, it really hit home. They set the bar HIGH!

And it’s terrible that the program was dismantled. I still wonder what the race would have looked like if Ben had been able to continue to train under Charlie and ran faster then 9.79. I also wonder what new talent would have risen up after Ben under Charlie.

Truth be told, other camps seemed to suffer the same fate, SMTC died out in the mid 90’s and Bud Winters program has not only been long forgotten, but the track that he use to train his athletes is now a parking lot for students.