overspeed(downhill running)

what are your experiences with this speed method. any testamonials or comments will be very helpful.

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I’m pretty certain that this has been covered before.

In a word or more.

No Good - beware.

Get the picture.

I agree with DMA.


I ended up with a chronic popliteus tendonitis problem that I have only just got under control recently.

It might be a reflection or testament to the entire program I have in place now, but I have gotten better results from my program over the last 3 years since, among other things like eliminating what I felt were useless drills, I totally abolished overspeed training from my athletes’ program. I just don’t feel you need it. Spend that extra time focussing on things like hip height, relaxation, total technical improvement, proper planning and you will get great results. I think it’s important to say that though SOME of the better sprint coaches have used overspeed training some have not including Charlie and John Smith. I’d say these two coaches have shown that overspeed training is far from a necessity to achieve incredible(even world class) results.

Why not run uphill first and then as a contrast run on flat ground? That ought to create an enough contrast stimulus.

Now Now boys! Along these lines. You could incorporate work on a perfectly smooth slight downhill grass slope- if it is bounding and not sprinting. You must allow for the intensification that the grade provides in determining the number of foot contacts to be used in this way and it should be reserved for the highest level athletes only.

Downhill rans increase’s horizontal speed by longer stride length. Breaking forces are greater and contact time is longer however GRF on propulsion is greater.

The eccentric forces of downhill sprints has shown in animal studies to increase the size of FT fibres in the lower limb.

Practically downhill sprints cannot be substituted into a sprinters weekly program since prolonged effects of DOMS negatively impacts other training components.

I’ve got it… you can do downhill overspeed running. But you can put on a parachute/speed-chute to make sure you don’t overdo the overspeed. And, you can throw down a speed/agility ladder to work on your turnover and your ability to incorporate more useless training in the same session.

Sorry, it’s sarcastic sunday for me!:clap:

Number 2,
I cannot believe it! You just put a perfect coctail of training theories together from two of the leading coaches… The Saint and Dr. Arigoto TREVOR. Wow. if only we could get them together, they could do preacher curls then go do stadium runs followed by speed ladders. I can only dream :clap: