Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey

10 Lbs. for $55.59

heres the site for it

  1. how many people here have used this stuff?
  2. did u notice any positive effects on recovery as opposed to other whey protein powders?
  3. should i get it?

thanks guys

nope…I would get a syntrax product

has anyone used this stuff ??

Clemson: which one would u reccommend

i’ve used it. pretty good for the cost. i believe you can get it cheaper at www.1fast400.com

I agree, go to 1fast400 and get a few tubs unless Zep can work some magic at bsl!

i have used alot of this stuff. its a cost effective-the number one reason to go with this product.
there are more than a handful of better products out there, but also at a higher cost.

Athlete…like what and why? My inside source says they found a cost effective filtering method that dosen’t damage the whey peptides and improves transport…any info you want to expand on?

Clemson, you’re not bothered by the other spiffy products Syntrax has brought out in the past? Triax? Usinic Acid? You haven’t seen any evidence of cross-contamination, since Syntrax does (or did) have an extensive line of prohormone products? Derek Cornelius doesn’t necessarily have a stellar reputation.

I am not thrilled by many companies since every one sells some prohormones but we fired some down south and it tested very well. Their other products suck but this one is no joke. I would have to find out where they produce their products but a lot of MFG plants just isolate the same process and don’t contaminate because they would use one machine for the entire line? This is rare now because of volume and profits and it’s not like the machinery switches products…they could care less if it contaminated but greed has helped here. What is the key is the sucralose…zepplin could you find out what the scoop is? I heard contamination is only happening with companies that rotate often.

Stay with BSL, NOW, and other brands if you are getting drug tested. Do not use PBL! How many here worry about a test?

The Optimum Nutrition whey can be found at www.jesupgym.com for less than that. Plus, Jesup Gym has very good and very fast customer service.

www.dpsnutrition.net also has Nectar, for $2 cheaper than 1fast400. I’ve never had a problem with DPS and I’ve used them for a long time.

thanks guys

this stuff must be for real

LOL It’s just protein. :smiley:

just one example of a better whey source (in my opinion) is VP2 by ast sports science-its delicious and effective, but costly. im not disatisfied with my optimum (or i wouldnt keep using it!).
i also like the bsl ive been using (will probably switch to that company exclusively, although clemson keeps mentioning syntrax, hmmm…)
i dont stress my protein powder choice too much. i depend on my natural food sources more for protein. i only use whey post high intensity weight training.

VPX does use Mandy as a spokesmodel!

Nectar is good but remember I am loyal to what I think is great. BSL sells syntrax but I suggested www.1fast400.com because it was cheaper. I still endorse GROW since it seems to mix great, and I love the fish oil from Zone labs.

As a coach I must look at the best shift to ideal…some products are too expensive, some taste like crap (some athletes eat cockroaches) and some don’t test clean.

Trace amounts of prohormones will not cause gyno and I think only 50 members on this board can worry about a positive.

I am tested 1-3 times each year, depending on how often I compete. I would prefer not to have to restrict my competitive powerlifting to the APF and other unlimited feds, not to mention that there would be a stigma attached to my name. Eventually, I will be tested at an olympic lifting competition. I think that the vast majority of claims that supplement contamination caused a positive test are simply lies told to cover up illegal performance enhancer use.