Oooops Collins does it again.......

Do I take it by your post you have being invited.

if so were you informed about this coach coming down?

If so are you going?


I thought you were a sprint coach, though you obviously coach hurdlers as well, and with your understanding of the way vault training progresses (which I should have probably explained myself in order to make my post clear) do you do work with vaulters also?

Spreading Charlie’s word far and very wide obviously

Stop being a smart ass or i’ll start spreading the gospal about the importance of lactic training for pole vault! :stuck_out_tongue:

Afix, I’m a coach and i’ll be there for at least a day or two.

Were you invited first or was your athlete and you found out from him?

Hi Folks,

Just to prove what certain people have being saying,

I just saw the lottery list for Britain on the BBC and I have to say, not necesarily knowing all the athletes on there, there seems to be a whole lot of Relay runners. Is it a matter of any medal is a medal.

There also is a lot of athletes that have not done a lot getting what I believe is then top lottery ( someone correct me if I am wrong).

I hope this guys know what they are doing as I dont see that many individual qualities on that list.

Sorry I missed this. No i wasn’t invited separately from the athlete in writing but we got emails and phone invites. However, i already knew about this before the athlete found out so i guess i was prepared and hence i didn’t see the “problem” with it at first.

I think as a general rule for County and Regional squads the coaches are the focus of attention and get invites along with the athletes. I don’t know why this rule wasn’t applied here.