Old Man Running

First let me say that this is without question the very best site dedicated to sprinting. The things i’ve learned fascinates me. So much so that I have decided to compete this coming season as well as post my training log. My Motivation stems not only from this site but that fact that last month at 38 years old and 207 pounds I stayed shoulder to shoulder with my 17 year old cousin, who is a legal 10.43 sprinter, for about 85 meters. Now I want to see what I can do with sound training. Some background info: 38 yrs old, 5’ 9", presently 193 pounds and dropping. Never serioulsy injured. Though I was a sprinter in high school, I was foremost a running back. Major College Football also. The official start of my 6wk GGP is Aug 1st but I actually started short sprints up hill yesterday (monday July 25th) I’ll post my workout next but please let me know if this is the proper place to post my training. I have spent the last 9 weeks getting my weight down from 219 originally.

-26lbs in 9 weeks :eek: have you eaten in that time? :smiley:
I’ll be interested to see how this goes.