Off Season Supplements

Does anybody have advice on off season supplements for middle distance runners mainly 800m/400m? Any suggestions for Glutamine, ZMA, Creatine, Protein, Endurox?


Glutamine has been shown in various studies to be the most depleted amino acid during times of over training. It is very important to get enough Glutamine during the off season when most of the gains are being made. Endurox mixed with 1-2 scoops of regular protein powder may also help as a post recovery drink. L-Tyrosine can help keep you mentally sharp during training. Adaptogens are also very important during times of intense training. Look into things such as Siberian Ginseng, Echinacea, Golden Root, ect… Good luck with your training!

Of course - (off point again) - various specific supplements could also be considered depending on the time of year and location (warm/cold weather training locations, climate) etc.

I have heard Stanford uses glutamine. I am a huge fan of ZMA. Something for post-workout recovery would be good two.


all those are good supplements. endurox is a pretty good recovery drink, its cheap, you can get a huge container for $30us and that 28 servings that will give you 50gms of carbs and 14gms of protein with some extra glut, bcaa and anti ox thrown in.

if you do a search you will find that alot of forum members are pretty high on ZMA, including myself. just ake sure it is a copyrighted clone of the SNAC formula.

glutamine’s effectiveness is determined for the most part by the glutamine content of your day to day diet.

creatine, is a similiar situation, it can be great but there are also people who are low responeders (like myself). you also have to weigh the pros and cons, as the increase of inner muscular volume from creatine can have a negative effect on the way muscles move and or react to explosive movements.

protein powders i think are an essential part of an athlete’s diet. best case senario, you could eat 5 or 6 times and always have the ability and time to prepare healthy whole food meals high in protein and very nutrient dense. if an athlete has a tough time getting in enough volume of protein or frequent enough feedings, then protein powders or MRPs can be a good addition to the program.

Would you suggest taking endurox after running workouts, and creatine or glutamine after lifting?

i would suggest all three (if you want) after any workout intense enough to warrent the insulin release.

has anyone gained good results using endurox after their sprinting workouts (short sprints/jumps)?