off day weights

What is everyone’s opinion on doing your weights on your off days.
I feel it is a good idea, but just not sure about the recovery time between high intensity workouts and weights and back again to high intensity.
I like to go with 3 H.I. days a week and 3 tempo days, one day off and was thinking of maybe Weights on tempo days.

Thanks peoples

Come on people not one person has a response.

Two reasons one might do weights on Tempo days …

  1. To encourage blood flow to muscles already trained previous day.
    But this will be covered by the Tempo running. So I would only train the same muscle groups with light reps - or upper body weights with light weight.

  2. To work on other non-sprinting or stabilising muscle groups or rehab certain or injured muscles etc.

Just be careful about over-stressing the CNS. You may be able to handle it from a muscular perspective (especially if you use a split routine) but CNS fatigue is usually the limiting factor in speed sports.

True -
I don’t consider it wise at all, infact probably more a recipe for overtraining.

Why do you want to lift on Tempo days anyway Coach_luc?

Agree with xlr8. You must break out of the mind set: ‘More is better’.

I used have a MAJOR problem getting around that concept.

So instead of staying out of the gym after Tempo, and feeling like a wimp, I still go to the gym but I do a long stretching and flexibility session in the gym instead of a split program.

Most of it is physchological …

  • oh I’m not training - I’m getting unfit or not progessing.

One thing that can help with recovery is a light body weight exercise in the evening if you lift (like me) in the morning.

i.e. one or two light sets of 25 (max) press-ups and squats to increase blood flow to the muscles.

This is a great point. That is one of the reasons that I like the idea of tempo so much…it gives me something to do on the days when I am not ‘training’ (I only consider it training when I am going hard and fast!)
Otherwise, I would be tempted to go hard every day and end up injured.

Was thinking it was a way to give teh student athletes more time for studies or other activitites instead of 3 hour workout

Thanks for input guys I will keep the weights on High Intensity days

In accumulation you could definitely do it as long as its followed by a lighter day. In MS its a bit hairier.

In fact, you could probably do get away with accel. development one day, split runs one day FOLLOWED by accumulation weights, and then at least two days easy.