Nutrition Program

Can anyone help me out to develop a basic nutrition program based on the kind of schedule I will be having?

Here it is:

Aug. 2nd-Aug.10th: Football double days 9:00 am- 11:00 am and 5:00 pm-7:00 pm Not sure when weight training will be during the day in this period…

Starting Aug. 16th Practice M-F 4:00-6:00 pm
Not sure when weight training will be during season…

Just a basic idea of what I will be doin at my JC. Thanks

We’ve had a lot of posts on this in the past and it wouldn’t hurt to read through the anti-catabolic one on here now. Can anyone locate the threads from the archives? The One, are you there?

Thanks Charlie, Clemson answered my question in the Anti-Catabolic Thread.


when you get a minute, put together an outline with some basic info on: what you are doing, what you like to eat, food tolerances, supplement budget etc. the more info you give us, the more information we can give you.

Well, first off…

I eat fairly well. I dont drink soda, dont eat candy, donuts, ice cream, mayonaise, fast food, the crap food that is “empty calories”. I like to eat fruit, vegetables, any lean meat, fish, rice, wheat bread, basically anything that tastes good that is ALSO good for you. Im not alergic to anything food-wise. My supplement budget= I usually will spend 50-120 per month depending on what Im doing at the time and the time of year. As of now, I am lifting in the mornings(8:30), and trying to start running again in the afternoons (I havnt ran since Mid-March, just got cleared a week ago to resume normal activity from surgery on Apr. 1st). Will start football double-days on Aug 2nd 9:00-11:00 and 5:00-7:00 til Aug 10th(MTWThFS). Regular practice begins 16th 4:00-6:00 (T-F). Hope that gives you a better idea.

Remember a great nutrition program will follow and compliment a great training program.

If you use vertical integration (CFTS). Notice that Charlie suggests BCAAs during training and that lead me to use ICE and other mixes. If you noticed that tempo is at 60% of V02 max and that is where insulin is at it’s lowest. That has no low blood sugar and that is why people look lean. Not only are you burning calories and have EPOC, but you have FFM and not just FFU.

Look at the rest periods and intensities and work ratios…they provide all the hormonal balance and elevation needed. What I am saying is that you just can’t take ZMA, go on the Nightmare diet, use clemson cocktails and get lean, stong, and in shape. You must follow a great program and maximize it with good nutrition habits. Some of the advanced tricks of the trade tips are in the forum review. My favorite is using creatine to hydrate after plane travel. Such details are huge in the world of elite track and swimming.

The forum review has some good nutrition stuff and that thing is cheap! When people ask for help make sure you get the CFTS system. Their is a lot of things we can cover in detail but if we are just responding to the basics it don’t make sense to go there.