nurtering injury

i need help again. It has healed (adductor strain) but it gets aggravated (very sore) the next day, then slight soreness the day after, when i run i feel the stretch off the sprint start. However after a few long sprints like 150m i dont feel it anymore the pain is numbed out. I ice like crazy after, my speed is getting better and i dont wanna stop cause im improving but at the same time i feel the soreness and the injury still like it can give even though its not. Suggestions anybody?

After i finish training i stretch and ICE 4-5mins on and off 3-4 times a day after trainig and the following day after, so on a mon there is practice after practice i ice like crazy, tuesday gets crazy sore ice like crazy go to the gym do 20 mins on bike nice and easy get the blood flowing do some adductor light weights on injured side then go home ice again like crazy. Wed prepare for second practice, repeat.