Nooo, instep/ankle injured

I was playing soccer and when I was attempting to make a quick dash to retrive the ball before the striker but then as i was bringin my right foot under my body to make the first step in the dash (similar to coming out of blocks) it was to low to the ground and dragged on my frontal instep/sidefoot and then fell down. Ever since then my intstep has a slight sensation everytime i move it and my whole foot mechanics is compromised when i try to sprint and its tough because my right foot is my power foot. My left foot is just to maintain speed while my right foot does powerful pulls to keep on accelarating (picture donovan bailey or Justin Gatlin). Now i cant start back training next week :mad: :frowning: What kind of training should I do to rehabilitate?

What is the range of motion like? How does the ankle feel? (rather than the instep). Does tempo hurt it?

I don’t know much about rehabilitating injuries, but i would assume the guys that do would need more information.

The ankle feels restricted by the pain in the instep. When try to I run now i always find my right foot dropping akwardly to compensate for the injury, its a subconscious thing. Tempo pains it but not significantly

If you need a brace I reccomend looking at air casts products.

Ok tanxs a lot.

If your running is compromised, my suggestion is not to run and get therapy on the ankle. Icing and wrapping the ankle will help the area. It sounds like a medial ankle sprain (which is really rare without significant damage to the entire ankle) or more like a posterior tibial tendon sprain. Placing the foot in a more relaxed position (that’s when insoles or orthotics come in) can help allow the area to heal. Take a gradual approach, moving from tempo to short 10m runs to longer quicker runs. Hope this helps!

Tanks for dah advice, apreciate it.