New advances in Postworkout formulas....

As you know with the advancements of I have been toying with some new formulas and here is what I have come up with, as in regards to their products:

Priming absorption- Using immunogrow to help repair the mucosal layers of the gut in order to better absorb nutrients and making existing supplementation more effective. For example the use of casein and bodyfat reduction is enhanced as well as the anticatabolic nature of the protein.

Utilizing Insulin Transporting- Everyone brags about the whey peptides and glycogen stores like that is the only limit and option. With athletes flooding their bodies during intense training I suggest contacting Blackstarlabs and trying the following.

(1) Joint support formulas- MSM, glucosomine, bromelain, and absorbic acid/copper blends have made huge improvements to athletes trying to come back from injuries to tendons and connective tissues.

(2) Immune system enhancers- Using the standard anti-oxidants to increase the support of the immune system.

Manipulating Anabolic Status- Methods in lowering fasting and waking glucose levels in order to make insulin surges stronger and safer. This can be done with some of the “Inteli-acids” that have great secondary effects.

Membrane Support- Using protein and fat combos to maximize the slow acting benefits of casein and fat with various compounds of lauric acid, ALA, and flax oil.

Dirty Trick for improving waking glucose levels.

taken from new scientist for the research wolves.

Molecular mimic

The active ingredient in cinnamon turned out to be a water-soluble polyphenol compound called MHCP. In test tube experiments, MHCP mimics insulin, activates its receptor, and works synergistically with insulin in cells.

To see if it would work in people, Alam Khan, who was a postdoctoral fellow in Anderson’s lab, organised a study in Pakistan. Volunteers with Type 2 diabetes were given one, three or six grams of cinnamon powder a day, in capsules after meals.

All responded within weeks, with blood sugar levels that were on average 20 per cent lower than a control group. Some even achieved normal blood sugar levels. Tellingly, blood sugar started creeping up again after the diabetics stopped taking cinnamon.

The cinnamon has additional benefits. In the volunteers, it lowered blood levels of fats and “bad” cholesterol, which are also partly controlled by insulin. And in test tube experiments it neutralised free radicals, damaging chemicals which are elevated in diabetics.

What would you recommend as a bedtime snack/meal to ensure stable waking blood sugar levels?

Cottage cheese and micellar casein or the anticatabolic formula.

Great stuff Clemson!

I actually read about that a little bit ago, interesting stuff. Maybe some cinnamon in our anti-catabolic drinks?

Maybe just using the MHCP and screw cinnamon? I think our boys at may have something up but I don’t know…thanks again. If it wasn’t for you I would be buying all this stuff from a million sites to create blends. Now shopping is at one place!

You don’t need that much cinnamon do get the desired effect–less than a teaspoon per day will significantly lower blood sugar levels. Add a bid to your green tea or oatmeal. Another good trick for improving insulin response is drinking a shot glass of 50% lemon juice and 50% apple cider vinegar.

Does it matter when you have the cinnamon? Would it be fine on the eggs for breakfast?

I suggest in capsule form…stay away from heat! Unless you are like rocky with your eggs.

go to

buy apple cider vinegar in bulk!

"High Acidity- Acidic foods actually reduce the rate of digestion and small changes to meals like adding lime or lemon juice or vinegar to meals. This should not be done to every meal because research shows that high amount of acid build-up in the body can create negative physiological reactions. "

-From High Octane Fueling IV

So you could do this every day, just not every meal? This is probably just minutiae for me, but I’m curious. Trench does say “significantly lower.”

I like to do use it for P and C meals…during the afternoon…breakfast doesn’t matter unless you are a distance athlete and are using huge amounts of carbs to keep going.

Thx for the info Clemson.

Don’t thank me…thank blackstarlabs for going out of the way to find bulk ingredients to keep costs down.