I am 17 and currently weigh 168 lbs. This summer I am planning to put on 10 to 15 lbs. of muscle for football (Wide Reciever). I am also taking Mega Whey Protein after my workouts. Any day by day diet plans or any thougts are welcome, thanks.TextBlack

10 to 15 lbs of useable muscle will take at least a year to put on. Check the Nightmare diet thread. It will help you with most of your questions. Once you have read that, if you have more questions, just ask.

I know more than one football player around your age who has been told to gain weight over the summer for next season. This usually does more damage than good. I have seen a few injuries from gung-ho teenagers heeding the inaporopriate advice of silly coaches.

You have found a goldmine of information here on this site. Charlie consults for NFLers, and there are a few others on this site who have close ties with Pro Athletes. Keep asking questions, and be open to answers that you may not like.:slight_smile:

i agree with herb 100% about the weight gain doing more harm than good. even though you are at an age that its easier to gain muscle than in your 30s (like some of us;) ) if its non functional, its not going to help you anywhere but the beach. i think its intersting that a coach would just throw “put on 10-15lbs” out there and not give you the nutritional/training/recovery information needed to accomplish this.

as for your diet, i dont mean to flame you as its not the style around here, but if you put some time into your posts, show us what you are doing/eating and give us alot more information on your background, the board members are more likely to help you out.

Hey Nightmare my problem is I can put on 10-15lbs without trying - it is non functional except for keeping a can sitting upright.

Pat as nightmare said post some info.

I have had a run in with a coach (Aussie Rules) of one of the guys I coach who wanted him to put on 10kg over summer and he didn’t care if it wasn’t functional. All i could see was a chance for knee reconstruction.

Take time to put weight on. Let your body get use to it.

The best advice that I have heard is to focus on strength levels in the big lifts - snatch, clean, squats, deadlifts, bench, and variations. Your body weight will take care of itself.

If you do this, one of two things wil happen:

  1. You will get stronger without getting bigger. This may sound bad considering you want to gain mass, but think about it. If you get significantly stronger without putting on mass, then your strength to weight ratio has improved. Read this as: you will be faster, quicker, more agile and more explosive. You might not have more mass but you will hit harder because you bring more a to the F=ma equation.

  2. You will get stronger and bigger. This is what you are asking for but since the size is following the strength, you are likely to at least maintain your current athletic abilities just with a bit more mass.

If you focus on building mass (instead of focusing on strength) then you are doing it backwards IMO. If you ‘succeed’, that mass may be fat or ‘non-functional’ hypertrophy which will slow you down and make you a less effective football player.


nice to see that at least you neuro transmitters have recovered. good piece of advice. :clap:

pat if you do take X’s advice, make sure you get proper instruction and coaching regarding these lifts!!! they are magical when done right, but if you do them wrong…

X & Nightmare - Bingo.

my first workout week finishes this week so far we have done cleans, dumbell snatches, front squats, but i am not sure about whether or not we are doing dead lift. This workout program run by Mike Boyle (Strength and conditioning coach Boston Bruins) is a monday through thursday routine tomorrow is thursday and i will let you know what I do then. As far as my eating habbits go in the

-4 ego waffles
-Carnine Instant Breakfast Drink

-Ham and cheese sandwich
-gatorade juice box
-granola bar

-mega whey protein shake
-40g protein
-5g glutamine
-5g BCAA’s

either of the following
1)Steak and potatoes
2)two cheeseburgers (no bun)
3) 2 chicken breasts w/ brown rice
****drink skim milk

mega whey protein shake
-40g protein
-5g glutamine
-5g BCAA’s

4-5 bottles of poland springs (18oz) throughout the day

Body by Boyle is run by college interns and uses a cookie cutter aproach to training. All of my buds got hurt doing his program, and nobody got stronger.:mad:

Everyone that I know has gotten great results from it. Where are you from?

Excellent advice guys, nothing to add - see the ‘Weight Gain’ thread - same idea.

Nightmare made a good though that shouldn’t be overlooked either …

“i think its intersting that a coach would just throw “put on 10-15lbs” out there and not give you the nutritional/training/recovery information needed to accomplish this.”

I would imagine the coach believes from perhaps watching an athlete that they maybe take too many hits, don’t hit hard enough, get pushed off the ball too easily etc, etc. and therefore need weight - what they really need is SPEED and STRENGTH.

So my advice would be to anyone like that - get FAST and STRONG and I gaurentee the coach won’t say anything next year!!

Would It be beneficial to make (deep, back) squatting a priority (i.e always the first exercise, relatively high no. of sets)?

Also make sure you work the whole of the upper body.

Also what about going relatively slow on the eccentric part of all the resistance exercises?