Nectar of the Gods-

For those wanting to save some money and adjust their post workout formula I suggest Syntrax’s Nectar Caribbean Cooler whey protein powder. I just fired and email with the same basic suggestion. By purchasing your dextrose seprately (now foods 2 pounds). This is only 30 bucks total and you can constanly adjust your formula per week as your insulin drive improves or if your training program. For example some athletes that will go through a traditional bulking phase and do bodybuilding methdods may use it with more carbs while someone who is very lean and must watch his calories and cycle may use less carbohydrates since he or she is more sensive because they are doing tempo and have years of training behind them.

Anyone wanting help on nutrition that has the book Speed Trap or purchases speed trap can get free advise during the olympics (I am taking a small break and only working 40 hours this week). Just shoot an email to

Remember I have read speed trap 60 or more times and will pop quiz a specific page or chapter. This offer is for refinement of a sound program.

how about ‘training for speed’-CFTS?

any publication…GPP dvd ect…

Do you feel that if timing and compliance are in place that this blend will be more effective than go? I am considering ordering this after I finish the 2 cases of go i have left. It is certainly cheaper.

Go!'s formula is great for hard workouts and is portable and not to high on carbs. It is not ideal but great for most athletes save very elite. It also is static while having seperate tubs of dextrose and whey allows for adjustments. We are using less go now as athletes get older and more sophisticated but the bulk of my athletes are students.