Namibia Enter CGW Camp

Athletes for intensive training ahead of Club Games

By Nora Damian

Intensive training to identify 16 athletes who will represent the country in the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne, Australia is expected to start next month.
This was said by the national athletics coach, Suleiman Nyambui when he addressed a press conference in the city recently.
He said a residential camp would be set for one month at Mbulu District, in Arusha region.
He said the training will combine athletes from the National team and those selected during qualifying competition held earlier this month at the University of Dar es Salaam sports grounds.
Nyambui named the athletes as Daniel Andrea and Damian Chopa (JKT), Samson Ramadhan, Paskalina Bombo, Ibrahim Issa and Jovin Chiruma (JWTZ), Lwiza John, Ruhama Shauri, Makame Ally and Muhidin Yassin (Zanzibar).
Others are Faustin Mussa and Dickson Marwa (Mbui), Barae Hhera and Masandoki Mohamed (TIMMAX), Francis Naali (CCP Moshi),
Banuelia Mrashan (Moshi), Leticia Mutta (OIKA), Natalia Elisante (T-100), Wilbert Costantin, Metia Joro and Amenye George.
“The aim of the intensive training is to identify athletes who will meet the Club Games’ standards,” he said.
The 18th edition of the Commonwealth Games is slated for March 15 to 26 in Melbourne Australia.

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