My supplement intake

Hello people.

I eat pretty good. I get most of my protein, carbs, calories from real food.

I also supplement in addition to that.

I am just going to post my supplement intake

If someone can please help me out with timing, comments or suggestions… I’m open to anything

Morning- Multi vitamin/mineral

I get stuck here. I have these in powder form: L-Tyrosine, AAKG Powder(arginine), and creatine mono. Can I mix all the substances? In a protein shake or juice or anything?

Post Workout- Instantly after my workout I will have some endurox (Recovery drink) At home I will have a
Protein shake, I add more glutamine though there is about 5grams already in my powder. I add about 5 more grams of glutamine

Before bed- EFA(Fatty acid oil), Glucosomine, SNAC ZMA Nightcap, and multi vit

would appreciate advice

Give us the two b’s

Budget and Brand…tell us more so we can get a more precise suggestion.

I dont care much about budget/brand. Brand whatever as long as its reputable and good stuff.

The arginine and L-Tyrosine are made by NOW supplements. There cheap, like 10bux for the tyrosine, and 20bux for the arginine powder. There is also plenty of servings, so rather then pay bunches for everything blended in, and much smaller serving for like 50bux, I decided to buy everything indivdually and make my own stuff.

EFA, its the ones you can get at any wholefoods store. The black bottle dont know what brand off the top of my head.

Glucosmine is in liquid form with MSM, made by NOW.

ZMA is made by snac

Creatine, just pure creatine monohydrate i guess, and the same with glutamine.

Protein, Most of the time is ON’s, but sometimes I have something with more calories for high intensity days.