My diet to analyze

Alright well I decided to record my average diet on a day so you people can tell me what I am doing right and wrong and so i can analyze it myself ,so here it is written in the order that foods are eaten

Wake up 7:10 AM
Breakfast 7:30 AM - Usually I eat this on way out door to school and during homeroom period
-Two Vitamin World Omega 3 fishoil softsgels
-One Vitamin World Organic Flaxseed oil softgel
-Mannatech Products including one pill each of: Ambrotose AO, Plus, Catalyst, Manna C, GI Zyme, Manna Bears, Glyco Bears
-Two Hard Boiled Eggs (approx 11g total protein)
-Half a bottle of fuze with 5 grams of creatine
-Peanut butter crackers (16g carbs 6g protein)
-Two special K Bars (36g carbs, 2g protein)

Lunch 12:00 PM at school
-Half Pint Milk(29g carbs, 8g protein)
-Ham Cheese melt on Pretzel roll (approx 11 grams protein)
-Small Side cup of yogurt (Approx 3g protein)
-Small Side cup of peaches
-Cup of Chicken Noodle Soup (Approx 2 g protein)

Pre Workout 3:00 PM
-Zone Bar (15g protein, 23g carbs)

  • G2 Gatoraid with 5g glutamine and/or a caffeinated low sugar drink if needed

Post Workout 5:15 PM
Recoup Shake (30 grams protein, 60 grams carbs) mixed with 16 oz of 2% or skim milk)

Dinner 6:30 PM
Medium plate of Pasta
Piece of Grilled chicken (Approx 12 grams protein)
Salad with (varies but this is ideal) lettuce, tomato, onion, cucumber, spinach, carrot, brocoli, califlower, green pepper, celery w/ oil n vinegar
2 VW fishoil softgels and 1 VW flaxseed oil softgel

Evening Shake Approx 8:45 PM
Muscle Milk 2 scoops mixed with 12-14 oz of 2% or Skim Milk (32g protein 12g Carbs) Milk havening approx 10 grams protein
2 VW fishoil softgels and 1 VW flaxseed oil softgel

Prebed approx 10:00
3 ZMA pills (recomeneded intake on bottle)

Goal for bed is to be in bed by 10:15 in order to get my goal of 8 hours and 45 mins of sleep

Approx Protein Intake - 162 grams of protein ?

I would say you are very reliant on products, but perhaps just seeing it written out there makes it look a lot. I would say your dinner looks like the best meal of the day. What are your training goals in terms of body composition? I think the Special K bars are very full of sugar, and that pretzels and cheese are not necessarily the best combination! Also, the protein numbers sound high. I don’t think you need that much. Upto 1.25g protein/kg body lean body mass. If you are doing this, your lean body mass would need to be around 120kg, and I’m guessing it’s not!

Yea its just hard going through school not to have products…yea the cheese pretzel is the lunch of the day at school it changes for example today was meatball sandwich with pasta, yea i weigh 180 pounds, i got approx .8 grams per pound i duno i always thought i needed atleast 1 with all my strength training(check out my training jouranl) one special k bar is only 8 grams of sugar, i just need to a better wholesome breakfast bar or such or even sit down and eat oatmeal if i can.