Muscle Milk??

I was wondering if someone could tell me of their expierences with this supplement.
Is it anabolic or isnt it?
Its not on any banned lists is it?
Its hard to tell with all the yac on the sellers website

would it be good for an aspiring sprinter or mainly for a BBer??
im already taking whey, creatine, good multi vit.
i have zma on the way and possibly this.

Looks like a high concentrated whey protein or a multi-vitamin formula,
take a look here:

i’ve seen that link alright.
heres another good one on MCT’s
maybe they are useless after all…

Yeah, but they aren´t priceless as useless :o

I have used it. First off the taste is great. It has creatine in it but i am not sure of the amount per serving. It also has some good fat in it. If you are looking for protein supplementation it is a good choice. But it is pricey for protein. If you are on a tight budget and already have creatine you could go with the complete whey from the same company for about the same dollar amount.

Its good stuff. Best tasting protein on the market in my opinion. I wasnt even aware it has creatine in it.

I use it also. It does not have creatine in it. The ingredient listed on the label is:

“Creatine GCC, our proprietary endogenous creatine precursor (glyococyamine, betaine anhydrous)”

Also, the protien in it is not just whey. It also includes micellar alpha and beta caseins and caseinates.

It is by far the best tasting and best working protein that i’ve taken. There is NO creatine in the protein shake. The weight gainer formula has creatine and glutamine I believe. I don’t think that it’s over priced at all. Well worth the money. Try the cookies and cream, it tastes like a milk shake. Mixes well with just a spoon, no blender needed.

Haha, from the page on it:

“Proven Anabolic in 3 Million Years of Experiments!”

No shit, ANY food item (or any item containing calories, including drinks) is anabolic. Jesus, talk about trying to hype up a product for the wrong reasons.

Unfortunately, people will read that and think “wow, it must be like steroids!”

The started of this thread has already been duped it seems (“Is it anabolic or isn’t it?”).


taste is important…and protein quality will show up after many months.

My mistake. sorry for the misinformation.

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