muscle loss???....nutrition meals?

hey, ive heard that if your trying to eat healthy and lose some fat, like not eat as much fats as you eat or carbs and workout and stay active, fat you lose also will result in muscle loss. so is dieting not a good idea if ur weightlifting? what can cause u to lose muscle when eating healthy and dieting. heres a sample routine i might be doing for nutrition

meal 1=

-wheaties cereal, natural orange juice, granola bar and a multivitamin

meal 2=

-Omelette (1 full egg, and 5 egg whites) with 2 slices of non fat cheese and maybe some yogurt

meal 3=

-2 sanwiches with tuna or balogney (wheat bread) and protein bar

meal 4=

-Chicken breast salad

and then i have no idea for meal 5 and 6…im not really good at this nutrition stuff but how does that plan look and can someone help me on my 5th and 6th meal? also i workout around 6 or 7 pm usually…please help with the questions here and questions above thank you

well yeah if you eating that little during the day, you will lose weight. To at least maintain your weight, you have to eat more calories than you burn.

No, you need to expend the same amount of calories as you take in. I know its not always that cut and dry, but lets not forget that its all Math…nothing else. there is no special myth or secret, its all about positive and negative caloric balance, for gaining and losing weight, respectively and so to maintain wt. calories in must = calories out.

True, true…

It gets complicated though when you consider that your body can adjust quite a bit, by either speeding up or slowing down it’s metabolism when you change your caloric load.