Multis and Fish Oils

Are there any good multis and fish oils available in stores that are anywhere near the quality of that you can order online? I don’t have the money/resources to order the good products online, so I was wondering if there was any good alternatives.


nope. you get what you pay for… :frowning:

That sux. So don’t even try wasting my money on the store-bought brands, even if it’s like Twinlab or EAS or something?

make sure is micro filtered, don’t want heavy metals building up :slight_smile:

For the oils or vitamins? How do you check, does it say?

since i’ve changed over to the liquid hpf multi and the sears fish oils my level of fatigue has decreased drastically throughout the day. i used to get very tired during the day at work and now i don’t hit that wall anymore. i don’t think its a coincidence but i guess i’ll see over the next few months. btw, i love the liquid multi and i’ll never go back to multi pills.

for fish oils, if you can find “solaray” SPurEPA (has 600mg of epa/dha per cap and berardi suggests 3gms per day)its top drawer. dont get pulled in by the term “pharmaceutical grade” on any over the counter supplements, vitamins or fish oils, its just a marketing term. can you imagine rolling into your local pharmacy and producing a script for glutamine?

also the solaray multi called “spectro” is also very good. i used it for a few years before moving to ( and staying with) the liquid one step. both of these products are very good, but clemson is right, you get what you pay for, but only to a point…think muscle tech.

I believe the quote, either from Nightmare4d or from Clemson went like this:

“You get what you pay for, but you don’t always get what you pay for.”

For multi vit&min, from what I hear, the best overall ones are Opti-pak from super nutrition and one from LEF (life extension f…something, damn it!).

LEF is widely reccomeneded by most trainers and nutririon ‘gurus’ - though I’ve never tried it - I’m having trouble getting it over here and importing it is very costly.
I have been looking at other liquid multivits also apart form HPF.
BTW - anyone knoe if HPF is being sold from Europe now? A few months ago it was exclusive to the US.
Regardsless I would consider it wise to vary multivits and protein powders every few weeks.

Why? How is adaptation (absorbing nutrients more efficiently) a bad thing?

I presume you mean 'Why change protein and multivits? every few months?"

  • well it’s for a number of reasons:

  • Personal - it cannot be healthy to eat continuously the same ‘nutrients’ in large quantities every day.

  • What if the distribution of nutrients is not accurate for your own body requirments? - say Vit.A for example? - No Multi or Protein formula is specifically designed for your body.

  • Many respected names, Poliquin, Colgan have reccomended it.