Mo Greene 9.78s /windy

Am I right in thinking this …Was on eurosport news this morning.

Greene 9.78s w
Gatlin 9.91s w

He is on fire at the mo …:wink:


Bad , bad man.

…right, I’m taking that two ways…lol

Bad , as in michael jackson bad…( he’s a bad Mo Fo…lol)

…or bad as in Tis Good;)

enlighten me …


Bad as in Muhammad Ali. Good, Great, Awesome.

the wind was 3.7 equates to a still 10.10-10.20.don’t get too excited guys he ain’t convinced me yet nor can i see him doing so

I’m not getting too excited about this, but he has beaten to quality fields with relative ease. Considering how long he’s been in the game, it’s pretty impressive.

I love the meets being wind aided…charlie, do you think this will help imprint his nervous system again…after a few down years this may help him a bit.

In the year mo broke the world record he ran 9.84 aided with wind through the season. So you never know what happens when he’s at his peak. I’m sure that he’s not stupid enough to peak these days. So who knows what will happen in athenes.You know how the track looks down there. As for the wind. You’re talking about still wind. It might be 1.0, 1.5 or even 2.0 on one day and come leagal. guess what would happen with mo. at peak, on such a track like athens’ with 2.0m/s wind and a perfect reaction. ( To say the truth, I’d say that’d get him injured straight. :smiley: ) but if he was able to finish such a race then god be with us. The world record will be long gone.

Let’s hope his patella ligament doesn’t flare up again!

Any chance of a video of this performance?

Personally I’d like to know why Mo Greene is doing alot better then he did last year.

I think we all do, but it would be pure guesswork from where we are.

Everyone says don’t get excited about the wind aided times because they wouldn’t be that fast under normal conditions. That is true, but the thing to look at is the margin of victory against great sprinters. They too have the winds to run with and he is still dominating after a few down years. I’m not sold on him 100% yet, but don’t be suprised if he drops some fast “legal” times.

a 3.7 wind does not account for 3 to 4 tenths X-Man!!! Also if Mo’s run equals a 10.2, then what were the other guys in the race running. Are you telling me that Capels in 10.4 shape!!! Gatlin in 10.3 shape!? Mo has been running times equivalent to high 9.9’s, low 10.0’s (still wind) all season, and dominating top fields. What WILL it take to convince you.

It can’t hurt!

Alex,why doesn’t it equate.sprinters peak at 12.4mps with a slight dropoff,so the minimum of 10mps.a 3.7 tailwind=average 3ths. it will take mo greene to win the olympic title to convince me until then its anyones.alex alot can go wrong from now till the games,believe me. now what do you equate a 3.7mps wind compared to a 0mps time,give a rough est of MG’s times if competing at 0mps wind.

From the IAAF story on Mo’s performance:

"Greene’s performance ranks as the second fastest in history under any conditions. A 3.7-metre-per-second tailwind, well over the allowable 2.0 for a legal mark, prevented Greene from tying the World record that he lost by a hundredth of a second to Tim Montgomery in 2002.

From Greene’s perspective, he would have run faster without a breeze. Greene said strong tailwinds cause him to rush and lose form.

“It makes me skip a couple of steps,” Greene said. "I think these races are showing that I am in great form and when I get a race with no wind at my back, then you will really see what happens.’’ "

Anybody believes him that he runs faster without a 3.7 in his back? I don’t and believe he only says so to counteract the critics.
What do you think?

9.85s at least, i mean, nothing under this.

Forget the wind reading! Look at the field and the margin of victory.

He broke his leg a few years ago. I think that would hold anyone back for a while.

No question he’s better than his competitors at the moment and without getting injured I see nobody catching up with him in Athens - but do you believe that he would have run faster without a breeze, as he said?