Mitch Potter's diet

I read in an interview with Mitch Potter from the University of Minnesota’s website and he described his diet, which consisted of McDonalds, Subway sandwiches, Papa Johns pizza, and Chipotle burritos and tacos. How is it that he is able to run sub 45 in the 400 (pr 44.58) with all that junk food in his system? That is just sickening to eat all that food.

Unfortunetly, the link to that interview is no longer there in the UM website and was not able to post it.

That aint that bad by itself… mcdonalds papa johns etc, that sure isnt helping

p.s. i just ate 2 chipotle burritos

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Extremely talented kid…speed plus 6-8 high jump in hs
Perhaps the poor diet impacts his ability to regenerate which may be part of the cause of frequent injuries…

Nost definately that diet is crap, but not surprisingly average for an american teenager to 30yr old. When your body has to detoxify the crap you put into it…of coarse it will hamper recoverry abilities. Not to mention, a lot of athletes like to say they never train, never lift wieghts, and eat like crap and yet “I’m the most talented natural sprinter in the world guys.” Haa, doesn’t it blow up your ego good to let people know you are soooo genetically gifted your diet doesn’t matter…lol C’mon! I know one thing, if I was a sub 45 400m runner, I don’t think I’d even let my family know my training secrets.

Actually dude, most of the US sprinters only ate at Maccas during the OG’s, so i’m not surprised …

Whats Maccas? lol


Does anyone know of any good male sprinters who actually eat totally clean for 6-8 meals per day?

When you combine a metabolism that tends to be nearly off the scale along with consistent activity then it can be very difficult to maintain or gain weight eating clean all the time - Eating clean food requires a lot more time and effort.

Kelly-B, you are corect about the time and effort, but I eat extremely clean and I maintain my weight very well, plus I get stronger with every workout. It can be done, the body is meant to eat nutritously.

good points…I saw Mo and Jon train and eat…most of the time things are great. The weren’t eating McDonalds at USATF outdoors and indoors…I think at the olympics they just ease up.

I agree, although I know a few elite US athletes with terrible dietary habits. From what I’ve gathered alot of the HSI guys get people in to prepare their food for them …

(None of those guys were amongst the group I saw, nor were they in the village.)

Wait till they retire or stop training. Their weight will balloon up. :smiley: That’s how I used to eat plus a lot of beers but never got fat. I don’t do that anymore, not with my current metabolic rate!