Mike Prebeg

This is my first post so please be nice!!!I was wondering how do I get therapy from him if I am just a college track athlete? I want to have someone work on my injuries and I was told that he and Mr. Francis are the ones to work with if all else fails. What is the next step of action please. :frowning:

Send me an email to info@charliefrancis.com and I’ll arrange this for you.

Thank you


Baroness welcome and enjoy! and good luck

I wish to thank a few of the local forum members in my area that have lead me to getting therapy here in the US. As a college athlete I could not afford the services up in Toronto and decided to drive to Tampa for three days of excellent massage and I am back on track. I hit a PR in my event yesterday and after reading one member’s forum review I know what not to paw anymore. My hamstrings thank Charlie! :slight_smile: