Michael Colgan-Principles

I just finished reading ‘Sports Nutrition Guide’ by Michael Colgan. However, there are are a number of things he did not cover which I think were covered in Optimum Sports Nutrition (which I have not been able to get my hands on).

These were:

  1. His view on food combining/macronutrient ratios, does he advocate such a principle when advising athletes on their diet?

  2. Quality of water: does he recommend distilled water and any other related ideas?

  3. How much food does a person need to eat. How much protein, how much carbs, how much fats. Basically how to calculate ones individual needs.

At the start of the book Colgan continually says that ones diet should depend on the indiviudal greatly and that the book will show you how to acommadate for individual genetic differences and different sport needs. However, he never actually does. He never goes into this.

If someone could answer these questions that would be great. It would be good if you gave you’re oppinion on the book also. I found the book far to general and lacking important principles of an athletes diet-the opposite of what the book stated it would be.

Note between the two texts his change of his earlier view on Soy protein.

I read Optimum Sports Nutrition about part way and skimmed the rest, and I remember that he did talk about water in great detail and mentioned Co. names of place to buy different filters, etc. I also noticed that alot of his research studies that he uses as sources are very old (50s & 60s), which is not to say they are bad but since his book is made in 1993, it would have been nice if he had more updated research sources.

SNG is a far more detailed book than OSN.
(I noted his views on Soy also)

As a practical guide though I wouldn’t be very keen on SNG.