Mark McKoy-Charlie?

Charlie, can you elaborate upon the training of Mark McKoy-I’m sure the hurdle coaches and hurdlers here would appreciate it. I’m assuming you used the same basic training structure with Mark as far as weekly programming. What types of hurdle specific drills would he do and how did you balance out the pure speed work with the work on hurdle rhythm and technique? Also, did you have him do the same type of tempo hurdling that I think you mentioned that Nehemiah ran? How much does a hurdler have to hurdle and hurdle drill during the week? Thanks.

I worked with Mark at various points during his career, but not during the 2 years before his Oly victory, when he trained with Colin Jackson et al in Wales. In the year before his international breakthrough, (1981-82) Mark did mostly tempo hurdling - a large weekly vol-(up to 500) of hurdles over a lower height on the tempo days, while the speed work was primarily the same as the other sprinters, with occasional block starts over 1 to 3 hurdles.