Maltodextrin is listed as having a high G.I (> Glucose) yet is contained in most MRP’s and is often described as being:

“a complex carbohydrate. Very simply this means that it gives you energy over a sustained period of time.”

What is the impact of maltodextrin on blood sugar levels? Should be restricted purely to post-training or could it be used for effective diy MRPs?

Doesnt Maltodextrin also aid in absorbtion?

Yeah, I thought it was good to take it post-workout since it absorbs fast in the system and helps raise insulin levels. JB said something like that…

Very good point!

Companies that are all into the amount of sugar in other companies protein bars, then in the sam breath put maltodextrin in theirs like there is a difference!

In reality meals cant really be replaced. Use maltodextrin at the correct times of the day (post/during training) and eat properly at other times.

I always buy straight protein powder and add to it what I need depending on the time of the day.

Maltodextrin, even though complex, is only a relatively short chain polysaccaride (starch molecule made up of sugars) and hence absorbed quickly. Ignore ‘simple’ and ‘complex’ and look at the GI.

Maltodextrin is also isometric in absorbtion, meaning it doesn not take water out of the muscles. Some sports drinks actually remove water from your muscles before they replace it. This is not good at all for recovery. One of those work out Aides originated in Florida.

Herb - is that possible?

Malto or Glucose are best, but I use both - a 1:1 ratio for my recovery and PWD’s.
Re: advertising - “Don’t believe the hype”