Macrozonaris runs a 200m in Sherbrooke

Nic Macrozonaris competed in the 200m tonight in Sherbrooke, Quebec, winning his heat in a time of 21.59 seconds. The wind was 0.0 m/s.

Running out of lane 8, he exploded out of the blocks and cruised home. His end of race conditioning is coming along as well, and he may run a 200m again in Halifax this Sunday at the Aileen Meagher track meet, where he is also to run the 100m.

Coach Daniel St-Hilaire and his team also watched as Kimberly Hyacinthe ran very well tonight, as she broke the Canadian Youth 200m record. She crossed the finish line in a time of 23.88 seconds, with a wind reading of 0.0 m/s.

Kimberly’s time broke the record previously held by Carlene Muir of Toronto, who did it in 24.09 seconds at a meet in Utah in 2004.

He was registered in the 100 and I remember he was on the soccer field playing with like an 8 year old kid. We didn’t know he scratched so we were just like damn that’s intimidating, the fact that he’s so much better then us he can do that 10 minutes before a race and still probably win.

I missed his 200 but it was still only like the 3rd best time there, he’s still far and through a 100 guy.

21.59? He’s hardly setting the world alight with that time! Isn’t that kinda poor for a 10.2/10.1/10.0 man? Has he been injured or something?

I think his Halifax time was the same Ballpark, 21.6ish, he was second to an American.

^^ and ya I also expected more from him in his 200. He’s running 10.3s and 10.4s now so you’d still think that he’d at least be close to breaking 21

i know the article is from HIS site but perhaps there are some explanations and convergances of factors to why this time got ran by someone who should surely go lower.

Lane 8 isn’t exactly prime territory…perhaps there was no one in seven to push him so he took the curve too slow…contrary to the article. of course he’s a pro and well if your one of the best in the world at what you do a lane assignment shouldn’t hurt you too bad.

or perhaps as the blurb stated…he exploded from the blocks and killed the jets at 80-120m.

and the third situation: as captin pain stated he’s a 100 guy… of course shirvo managed to make it off the turn and run a 20.45 way back in '98 and he has trouble finishing a 60 with any sembilance of form now adays. so as a short sprinter nic mac should be able to hopefully do better than 21.6.

Yikes, worse then I thought. Macro ran 21.76 with a 2.1 wind in Halifax while running a 10.44 with 0.5 wind on the same day :frowning:

thats some dirty times…for a 16U race.

actually would be the USA intermidite boys record… but obea still has him by half a second in the 200. oh wait Nic Macro ran out of 16U eligiblity roughly the same time Obea did.

from the pics on his website it looks like he fights the 100 not a smooth relaxed run or anything. so that would make the bend and the extra 100m death to his 200 times.

Nicolas Macrozonaris won the 100m race tonight at the Aileen Meagher International Track Classic in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

In rainy, windy conditions he crossed the finish line in 10.44 seconds.

His road to complete fitness continues next Saturday, July 15 in Montreal, where he is scheduled to run in the 100m.