Macrozonaris does it!

Ottawa Lions T&F Club
2006 Canadian Track & Field Championships
Championnats canadiens d’athlétisme 2006
Ottawa, ON - 04/08/2006 to 06/08/2006

Event 2 Men 100 Meter

Championship: ! 9.89 1998 Bruny Surin
Name Year Team Semis Finals Wind Specs.

1 Macrozonaris, Nicolas QC - St-Laurent 10.28 10.31 +0.0
2 Browne, Pierre ON - Mississauga 10.23 10.33 +0.0
3 Henry, Anson ON - Mississauga 10.29 10.34 +0.0
4 Wright, Neville AB - Edm. Int’l 10.40 10.44 +0.0
5 Allen, Charles ON - Ott. Lions 10.39 10.45 +0.0
6 Adu- Bobie, Richard ON - Ott. Lions 10.34 10.48 +0.0
7 Latouche, Marc ON - Mississauga 10.38 10.56 +0.0
8 Taylor, Nathan BC - Metro 10.36 10.58 +0.0

Full results for the heats of the 100m and all other events can be found here:

One question though, does anyone know why the top 100m Guys decided to not run the 200m?

One former Canadian athlete I was talking to at the meet said, “These athletes are just fu–ing mentally weak. If they don’t have a good time in the 100m, they just drop out of the 200m. How do they expect to run four solid rounds in the 100m or any other sprint?”

Pretty much told it like it is…

NumberTwo, you don’t know how right you are. I know a number of them and they’re all extremely talented. But when they either don’t win or when they are beaten by this particular individual or that particular individual they just fall apart. Sad to say but I see this bull crap ALL the time at meets here. :mad:

Also, a lot of these guys just want to run the 100m alone…I got a lot to learn but I would think until you start running 10.1’s you should not be looking to specialize. You should be keeping your options open. All those guys could very well be better at the 200 and maybe even the 400 if they’d be willing to give it a chance or man up and do the work, ie. Pierre, Anson, LaTouche, Dennison, King etc.

I don’t know…it’s sad though :frowning:

seems like that edmonton group has the right idea as they seem to be able to run everything from the 60m to the 400m ala X-man style