Lumbar Sprain and Back Injury Prevention

Hey last year I noticed a lot of pain in my lower back. I got it checked out and the doctor said it was because I had placed too much stress and that my back muscles were really weak. Also, he said I had an extra vertabrae and more back pain occurs to people with an extra vertabrae.

I have recently started doing ab exercises to strengthen the back aswell as back extensions. They have worked pretty good.

I was wondering, are there any ways to handle this? Do other people get this kind of pain?

Also is it safe for me to do bench press/weight training (I am really not so muscular so I need to work out but am worried I might injure myself). I use whey protein because I am vegetarian.

Low back pain has a lot of causes, piriformis syndrome (short/hypertonic piriformis), weak transversus abdominis, hypertonic/weak quadratus lumborum, multifidus problem, hamstring/quad out of balance, hypertonic psoas on a side, ITB, craniosacral problem, feet, it isn’ simple found where is the problem without a basic knowledge of muscle/muscle test/kinesiology/fascia/etc.
Generally, flexibility, some basic trigger point work specially on piriformis, multifidus, hamstring and ITB, can help.
See Flash Myofascial Ebook for basic ELDOA and very powerfull stretch.
You can try to do a search (i.e.: ELDOA + Fascia + Stretching).

You can support inflammatory phase with more alkaline food, generally when you have a problem your body PH is lower (acidic).
Simple PH test strips can you help (salivar PH test).

Proprioceptive exercises (one leg, dinamic work, bodyweight work, with swis ball, medicine ball) on the above muscle can help you.

EMS on painful muscle is a good choice!

Often lack of Zn/B6/B12/Mg, methionine metabolism problem can lead to trigger point and fascia problems.