Lower Ham Strain

Ok, so about 8-10 weeks ago I strained my hamstring somehow. Didn’t notice anything until warmup of my next sprint session.

So, I took 21 days off of everything (sprints, bball, weights, plyos) because I could barely walk correctly at one point. So after 21 days, tried to play bball again, and it hurt. So then I took 1-2 weeks off after that. Then I tried to play again, still hurt. Then for a few weeks I just played in pain. Eventually, I decided to see a chiro and get ART.

So after the first ART session my ham feels 10x better and it’s been gettin every time I’ve been there. (5 times) But there is still pain when I walk sometimes and usually go up stairs. Sprinting is really painful. I’ve been doing my squats though and it doesn’t seem to be a problem. Jumping 2 legged straight up doesn’t seem too bad either.

Now, last session, the main ART dude seemed to be telling me that from now on I would just be seeing the PT and be doing my exercises, stretches (save hams), ultrasound, massage, and maybe a little ART with her. And last session she said that tomorrow we might try a little jumping.

My question is, should I be trying this stuff (jumping stuff), as my pain might actually just be the “working” of my hamstring? I told them I still had some pain but they said that it might just be the hamstring being weak and it’s being “worked” which might feel like pain. I find this strange though as my squat is going up (though knee flexion isn’t that big in a squat). In any case, I think I know what pain feels like.

I feel like I am towards the end of this, and maybe just cutting out all activity for a week or two might be good.

So, should I stay active while in a little bit of pain? This is kind of what I have been doing and it is definitely gettin better by the week, but I am kind of dissapointed at where I am at.

Or should I tell them, “Yo, this hurts.” And basically do just ART, massage, ultrasound, etc. and do NO other activity (squats, light bball stuff, even jumping jacks) for like a week or two?

And at the same time, the co-pays add up!

Ok, my ham I still messed up, but I can feel it is getting near the end. I was planning on starting GPP next week. Should I do this or wait until there are absolutely no signs of strain left?