Lower Body Injuries & Chiropractors

Just a heads-up to people who get lower body injuries. Your best friend may be the chiropractor. I suffered a series of problems with my upper quads, achilles and hamstrings. After seeing a chiro they all went away. Apparently spinal alignment is very important and any mis-alignment in the hips or spine can screw you up badly. Muscle strains were common for me.

The weirdess injury I had was a severely strained achilles, the chiro adjusted my neck and like that… there was no pain. Weird but true. I was treating the symptoms of my injury(like an idiot) icing/EMS on the injured area when the cause was my spine.

I also strained both my hamstrings. The problem was that my hips were out of aligment. As soon as they were put back in place… I could fly again.

the problem with with joint aligments as you had with your hip is that after they put them back into place the strength of the surrounding muscles has to be looked at to insure that it doesnt slip out again. most chiros wont tell you that, lol theyll just have you coming back for years. make sure that you are neurologically fit as that can cause certain muscle or muscle groups to fire improperly resulting in muscle weakines which leds to joint instability and misalignmnets. good luck.

In regards to Physios, Chiros, MTs, ARTs…if they are good at what they do they will be able to help. In the therapy world, it is the person’s name that matters, not what comes after their name. If they suck, it doesn’t matter what letters they have after their name, they still suck.