Loss of strength

How much weightroom strength do sprinters usually lose when cutting down weight?

I’ve come down from 80kg to about 75kg. I don’t seem to have lost much strength at all, (maybe a loss of 1 rep from my squat/bench - eg. 6x150kg instead of 7x150kg max)

How much strength can most athletes expect to lose when dropping about 5kg bodyweight and how much will it affect my start?

Why are you deliberately dropping weight? Are you running in a weight class?? Train properly- eat properly, and let your weight sort itself out.

Charlie, I’m dropping weight as a consequence of eating properly (and training properly too I guess) closer to competition.

I basically cut out my 3-times-a-day overfeed meals (spread out the meals a bit to 5-times-day and stopped ‘eating to failure’). Also stepped up the intensity of tempo to about 70% (was basically jogging at 60% before).

I thought it would benefit me to be lighter and have greater relative strength levels??

Then your lifting strength should not drop.

Thanks Charlie. I was a little concerned, when I seemed be a little weak in the weightroom on Thurs, still achieved 150kg x 6 but felt weak, but in retrospect I may have just been wiped out from a tough speed session.