London bombings

:mad: THE forces of tyranny and depravity have acted with expedience and indiscretion to end London’s Olympic Bid victory party with a series of bombings in the city at rush hour this morning.

The atrocity bears the hallmarks of the fundamentalist lunatics who have conducted similarly mindless acts of terror elsewhere in recent years.

Now, whichever city we believe should have won the right to host the 2012 Games, we are all Londoners sharing in a disgust at such barbarism against innocent civilians.

London will be a different and more difficult place to get about in leading into 2012 and the cost of staging the Games in a secure environment probably has just doubled at least.

Now all the nutters will claim responsibility. Let’s just hope they are rounded up quickly and that the injured and their families can recover soon.

The utter stupidity of this latest act is reflected by the fact that the focus of the G8 convention in Scotland this week was substantially to reduce poverty in the developing world from where these wicked ideologues have seeded their twisted logic.
:frowning: kk

Only two confirmed dead in the press, lets hope it stays that way

My thoughts and prayers are with everyone in the area. I’ve seen up to 45 dead. Hope that it doesn’t get worse.

God damn religious fundamentalists!! :mad: :mad:

700 injured and 37 dead :mad:

Absolutely horrible… :frowning:

I do not believe this was in response to the olympics being awarded to London.

They believe planning for this spanned 12-18 months by how everything was executed.

Say a prayer for the affected families and tell your family you love them…

Not a good day in London town today…I was headed into the City to work when all the madness was going on…It was sheer confusion. I knew something was going down when I was evacuated from the Underground and saw streams of ambulances,fire engines and police cars all heading in VARIOUS directions. I knew then we’d been hit in various locations around the City…question was…what was going be next…It was all pretty scary…the uncertainty and confusion. I hope and pray for the safety of all my friends and colleagues and all the injured and wounded.

I agree, there’s no way this sort of operation could have been carried out in a response to the olympic decision, there would need to have been a successful plan in place for at least London and Paris.

I think it is related to the transport bombings in Madrid last year, similar conditions, but 1 year later. Perhaps a ‘lucky’ coincidence for the terrorists that the spotlight is on the UK just now with the G8. :frowning: :mad:

The Olympic decision felt like a “bomb” to N.Yorker believers but
the real bomb thing and Olympic veredict was just a coincidence.
Sports people work for life as the terrorists work for death.

Of course nobody is going to blow up London because it won the Olympic auction. I thought that didn’t even need mentioning. But a political crazy looking for maximum impact psychologically and emotionally would seem to have a golden opportunity to do their worst when the world’s focus is already on their chosen target. As the Brit security experts predicted: it was just a case of when.

Flying, your analogy is so true.

The planning would have taken months- before anyone could know about the Olympics- but the timing could take advantage of the G8 conference, with much security diverted to look after the big mucky mucks there.