Liquid Creatine + Mixers

I have searched the archives and found no answers to these questions so here i go.

Does it work? I know there is heaps of literature about liquid creatine being unstable etc, but why realise a product if it doesn’t work? The reason i ask is because creatine powder at the moment has started to give me an upset stomach (not nice at training) which makes training uncomfortable. The benefits of not having to have an empty stomach to take it or wasting the product loading or feeling bloated from the all the fluids and then avoiding citric acid to not break it down too fast. Am i being naive and its just all marketing or does it work?

If powder is the only way to go can you mix it with milk rather than a juice? Grape juice isn’t all the common in Oz except for the vile organic stuff. Is there an alternate to Grape juice?

Any advice would be great.

I haven´t heard anything good about liquid creatine.

As for your stomach upset, you may be taking too much creatine at one time. Creatine is not a one off supplement to be used for one training session - it can be stored in the muscles. Try smaller doses spread out over the day to get your daily dosage.

Liquid creatine or creatine serum,

Contains very little creatine - it has been tested, and its results were bad.

Stick with the plain old powder creatine, from a leading manufacturer: Twinlab, prolab, etc.

Since Creatine is useless when mixed with water what good are any of these post workout supplements which advertise creatine as part of the protein mix?
Furthermore how does one mix glucose and creatine (to enhance absorbtion) if they can’t be mixed in water?

Who says creatine doesn’t mix with water?

Whilst it may no completely dissolve in the water, it can still be mixed in with water to make it easier to take, rather, than spon-filling it into your mouth dry.

When taking creatine as oppose to taking it with a glucose/dextrose powder, then less creatine is absorbed.

Creatine already mixed in with adry glucose powder. Some of these are okay (the ones from the larger companies, Twinlab, EAS, etc (NOT Cell-Tech)). However, it is more cost effective to buy your own plain creatine and glucose separately and make your own.

I take it with my post workout protein and carb drink. Put it all in a shaker, then when the workout is finished - simply add water, shake (after closing the lid) - drink away


I was led to believe that it turns to creatinine on immediate conatct with water and is useless as such? No?


I happen to know a few people that work for Muscle Marketing USA the makers of a bunch of different types of Creatine serums. They all admit that it is crap, but turn around and try and sell it to poor unsuspecting fools. At one point employees at GNC Canada were being given $5 for every bottle they sold. (And let me add that it is not hard to sell any creatine product when ever other customer is asking which one is best) Even with that incentive I could not bring myself to sell this garbage to anyone.