Limited Training time

I am just your average club sprinter with a best time of 11.36 hand timed for the 100m. I am 26 and have been sprinting in intermittent periods for the last ten years.

Due to work and family commitments my training as of late has been reduced to twice a week, generally conducted on a Monday and Thursday.

I am just after some advice on how to set up a basic training template for my track portion of training. I compete in the 60m and 100m nothing further i’m afraid because i am too bloody lazy i guess :stuck_out_tongue: .

I was thinking of utilising a weekly split such as:

Mon: Accel and Thu: Max.V / S.E or

Mon: Accel/Max.V and Thu: S.E

I can usually find a spare 10min to add in a med-ball circuit to cover the tempo portion of training on other days.

Your thoughts and opinons would be appreciated.


possably the 2nd version
with 15min of weights thrown in at the end? if you cant get to a gym - push ups, chin ups (tree branches?) squats, step ups, lunges, burpies etc etc.

I’d vote for the second option.

Mon: Accel and Max V

Thur: SE done as split runs e.g. 4x(3x40m)

To the collective members on this forum, if you only had two days a week to train, how would you set up your training schedule?

Well you could go S-L:
Day 1 - Speed (Accel and Max V)
Day 2 - Speed Endurance (Split Runs can eventually be progressed to longer runs as the season progresses).

Or you could go L-S as outlined in the Vancouver Slides, but I am not sure how well that would work without a solid general endurance base established from a longer GPP that included tempo and strength endurance?

Don’t know for sure.

But I would add tempo into the equation.


Day 1 - Speed based, could start off with acc and work up to speed endurance

Sample session could be 4 x 30m, 2 x 100 in and outs (acc, hold and acc) and maybe a split run plus med ball circuit

Day 2 - Tempo based 20 x 100m plus bodyweight

Day 3 - Competition is speed endurance.

Just a thought

wk 1:
mon: acc/max v
thur: SE

wk 2:
mon: acc/max v
thur: tempo/mb acc

wk 3:
mon: acc/SE
thur: tempo/mb acc

2 days a week Hypothetical training template.


AM - Upper body weights, Med Ball Circuit

PM - Track ( Accel + Max.V ) , Lower body weights


AM - Upper body weights, Med Ball Circuit

PM - Track ( S.E ) , Lower body weights

I only work 8 hours days on Mon and thu so i was thinking of trying a double day split. The rest of the week is pretty much out.

Do you think this could work or is it too much training for one day?

Hi, my opinion is that hard speed training should be done first in the day.


AM - Track ( Accel + Max.V ) , Lower body weights

PM -Upper body weights, Tempo(6-8x100m?), Med Ball Circuit


AM - Track ( S.E ) , Lower body weights

PM - Upper body weights, Tempo(6-8x100m?), Med Ball Circuit

Maybe tempo session may be done in the A.M when you had therapy(massage, trigger. etc) progressive exposition would also be required

You have to get some low intensity work in.

Can you skip at home? What about an exercise bike? I know its not ideal, but its better than nothng.

This is why he should rotate his cycle.