Leaning Down Help

Hey Guys I need some help. I am in my pre competition phase of my indoor season and I have the strength, speed endurance and power. The problem is I am feeling heavy. I have put alot of muscle on since last season and I am feeling heavy when I run now. Any suggestions on becomning leanier? Help
Weight -155lbs - 20 years old/girl
Height - 5’7
thigh - 23"
arm -11"
Waist -29 1/2"

you shouldn’t feel heavy once you are using a consistant programme.would you be overtrained!!? are/were you doing much track workouts!!?? how long are you feeling like this!!? were you doing plyo’s etc normally if an athlete feels heavy its go home and relax-your not recovered

I am on a consistant program, and i myself was wondering if I was overtraining. I try and do an ab workout everyday if not every other day. Here’s my week to week
Monday - speed/weights after
tuesday - recovery tempo or pool
Wednesday - longer speed/weights
Thursday - recovery temp or pool
Friday - nothing
Saturday - blocks/speed usually 60s now - weights
Sunday - tempo
any other thoughts

but how long are you feeling heavy??

ive felt heavy since decemberish…i went into a race on the 21st jan and i was totally flat and I did nothing for a week because in my last practise i strained my hamstring a lil and I was letting it rest before the race and when i was at the meet i was totally flat and heavy…
i’ve also been doing a lot of ankle weight running…

This could be a piece of the puzzle right there. Ankle weight running should be avoided at all costs; it alters running mechanics too much, and could lead to injury.

please don’t say that you were “running” with ankle weights!!? if so who’s idea was this

it was actually helping alot with my knee and arm drive but i didnt think it was a good idea either but it was helping so i just didnt question my coach…

Are you getting massages? Can you post your lifting routine? Maybe you need to up the intensity in your lifts??? How many meters/ week are you sprinting?

Anyone else?

my lifts i am going pretty hard. I do longer sprinting on monday and wed. and speed and blocks on saturdays longer sprints are 100 -150m depending on if i can go outside or if i have to be inside and saturdays is 60m. Should weights be done right after the workout or a couple hours later… usually i do a couple hours later
Leg Day
Squats - 100lbs x 12-15reps 3 sets
Leg extensions - 100 x 12 - 15reps 3 sets
ham curls - 75lbs 3 sets
lunges 20lbs x 30reps then 25lbs x 20 reps x 3sets
Upper day
bench 80lbs x 15 x 3sets off season 140lbs maxrep
rows 55lbs x 20 x 3 sets
lats pull down 55lbs x 20 x 3 sets
military press 15lbs x 30 x 3 sets

Reps of 20, 30? What is the purpose of doing this, especially for a short sprinter like yourself? Is this your coach’s reccomendation?

yes yes it is… what would be more sufficient?

Hm. I don’t see any reason to do anything over about 10 reps for presses, squats, lunges, etc.

Too much body building. Not enough power work. You need to bench squat and clean. Ideally do this on your sprint days if you can handle it. I’m not sure about the exact time between weights and sprints but a couple of hours should be ok. Look at some posts by david w

Try this after sprints:
Primary exercises:

Squat or Front squats or Dead lifts (pick one)
Bench or Incline bench

4x3 @ 75% Week one
4x3 @ 85% week two
3x3 @ 90-95% week three
3x1 @ test your max week 4
Then start all over again


These are lighter.

I would do 3x6-8 reps of these. If you feel up to it.

Straight leg dead lifts or good mornings
Military press
Seated rows
Lat pulls or pull ups

Now this is just a rough idea. All of this info is here on the site. My hunch is that your stregnth to wieght ratio is not what it should be because of all that non funtional mass you put on. Dont worry about losing wieght or starving yourself. Tempo and speed endurance should keep you lean and fit.

thanks for that… yahh i will give that a try and i have been looking for that kind of info on here… ill keep looking.