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Having seen Lee many times (I was in the Bay Area Striders with him in 1972 for a bit), I’d put his weight at 80kg.

OMG, if they got the bodyweight wrong they probably got other stuff wrong in that article, including 6x200. Maybe we did all that hard training for no effect, all due to a typo:eek: :smiley: . I’;d trust your memory over any report (except perhaps those published in that most eminent of sources, the Soviet Review, which would never get it wrong. :rolleyes:

43.8 in 1968 !!!

This so called sports specific training hasn’t done much for the 400 WR in the last 40 years.

I remember well- i also remember my uniform- I wore it proudly all over the place till someone pointed out that they spelled Striders wrong!
It was dark green lettering on black nylon so I never noticed that it actually read "Bay Area Stiders! Needless to say, it went back in the drawer after that.
Come to think of it, the last time I wore it was in the picture at the front in CFTS!

In 1984 I went to the Bislett Games in Oslo and Lee Evans held the stadium 400m record at 45.2 or so. The Aussie teenager Darren Clark broke that record and went on to LA and ran around 44.8 for fourth in the Olympic final a month or two later.

It is generally accepted that the high altitude of Mexico City and the stimulation of the Olympics contributed greatly to the plethora of personal best marks and massive world records at 100, 200, 400, 400H, triple jump and long jump.

But in many of those events the training at that time was mostly highly “event specific” whether by design or happy fortune. There will be elements of Lee Evans’ program present in Jeremy Wariner’s training, no doubt.

And anybody who followed Tommie Smith’s career over 100, 200 and 400 will understand that he was the full package. A huge part of the package is the delivery process: read, the coaching (Bud Winter at San Jose State U) and his training (alongside John Carlos and Lee Evans).

Excellent point. The advantages gained from the Lake Tahoe training camp was huge!

Yes! I don’t think the US has ever repeated such an extensive preparation campaign for an Olympic team. It was fantastic. talk about wind-free racing- the track was in the middle of a forrest with trees in the INFIELD as well.
On the topic of training partners, speed City at SJS had incredible depth- Tommy Smith, John Carlos, Lee Evans, Ronnie Ray Smith, Billy Gaines, Ron Williams,- the list just went on and on!

Charlie, how important having a quality group is? You have said before you didn’t let people do reps with Ben because of the potential of them injuring themselves trying to keep up. Did the rest train as a group competing against themselves?

They all did Sp and SE separately but that still created an air of success and excitement that rubs off.

It’s mostly a case of like-attitude: you don’t slacken off because you know for sure your training partner won’t. You learn about being excellent, about how and when to turn off the laser beam of concentration and when to switch it on again; how to use humour to break tension and when it may not be appropriate; and physical things like how really fast people still relax at top speed; and how the best stay optimistic even in the face of injuries and other seemingly insurmountable setbacks - there is no space for doubt.

is kelly willie still trained by him? I’ve been waiting for him to run something sick in the 200 given his range from 1,2,and4.

Not too sure. Johns still a great coach, but maybe he needs a break. Its hard to be at the top for that long.