Lactate Acid

How can you reduce lactate acid or make your body more tolerable. What foods help and which ones don’t?

A diet of SE.

What exactly is SE and where can I obtain it from?

SE is Speed/Special endurance. It however may tax you CNS to a certain extent.:smiley:


In the old,old forum you were debating the value of including intermediate runs, on occasion, as a means of “covering all bases” in the 400m. Included 2-4 times- usually in the offload week.

Are you still of this opinion? Needed to fill a gap in the 400m athletes training program?


I have my beliefs from my results…I feel that the 400 is not as pure as the 100 and 200, so somethings can be done that are not jut HI/Low.

The most important thing, (regarding priming the LA system) is to produce LA, not reducing it. Your body needs to travel at a certain speed and for a specific time in order to produce it. The hard training will teach your body to use it as a fuel and reduce it. Many people have used intermediate speeds for some fast 400 times (read sub 44.5) .

I feel that you can unload the CNS and still work the LA system with incomplete recovery runs at 85 percent for extended length. I would not do them too much since your speed will be flat and you will be able to only run “kinda fast” many times.

But the base of my program is the high/low concept with some things that are not pure. Again this is very specific unloading and it is only used a 4-6 times a year…nothing magic but still effective if you have a great physio.

Thank you for the Insight!

If I remember correctly the volume of such work would be kept low (5-10%?). Nothing that would negatively impact on speed work- great info for all 400m athletes/ coaches. Thanks again.

one of the few products that i have found to be effective for lactic acid is “muscle nitro” from champion. although its designed for and marketed towards endurance athletes (esp mountain bikers), there may be some application to track athletes.

link is here

Sodium bicarbonate or sodium citrate

Check this link:

thats a good read, but definitly need to try it out in practice first

I have noticed a difference when taking just sodium bicarbonate during intensive tempo, but have not compared it properly yet for special endurance. I have not tried above 15g yet but I can say that if the plus 20g dose is used (or maybe less) it may be best to seperate into 2 doses taken 20 minutes apart - otherwise it tends to pass straight through with some individuals :eek: I have also felt slight stomach ache for a few minutes but no vomiting.

Clemson -

Do you only use Int. Tempo 1x a week during Pre-Comp. and Comp. phase unloading weeks? What is the volume like…and relative to the rest of the cycle?


checked with my coach on any ones experience with the bicarbonate and he said it can definitly cause the runs in certain cases

if you just had a hard workout (ie. speed endurance runs) when there is no question that your blood HLa levels will be high, the best way to rid of it, is by doing any aerobic activity (ie, jog or bike) at about 35-40% VO2 Max. So nice and easy runs to flush it out.